Friday, February 2, 2007

Day Two-Blog don't Clog

Today started off a bit constipated, literally. Donna's first encounter of the day was with housekeeping, in the bathroom, at a most inopportune moment (for Donna). She was finally able to GO. Unfortunately she was interrupted when housekeeping decided that Donna's moment was her moment to clean the bathroom. Needless to say, Donna has been clogged physically-not verbally. I know this because she felt the need to share her emotionally disruptive story with anybody that woudl listen-customers included. I felt with her desire to share the experience that it was safe to share it with you all. Thus begins day two. If there is any word to describe day two, constipated would be appropriate. Our room was also clogged up the majority of the day. We either had 50 people in our 20 person capacity room or we had 0, it was stop and go all the way. With that being said, we had a tremendous day. I am bothered by the notion that tomorrow is going to be a mess. All those that could not get to The Venetian will come by tomorrow in conjuction with our appts of tomorrow-making it chaotic to say the least. A total traffic log jam. Now, I know that this is a high class problem to have, it's always nice to be the busiest intersection on the street but it also means that we will have limited time to work with each customer- It stops the natural flow of things. Which Donna has already proven can clog your day. Once again, it's nice to be us. We worked with some of our favorite buyers and sold lots and lots of shoes. The line is awesome and the sales prove it.
Things that made me smile today:
1. Figuring out that when Fabia likes a shoe, she a puppy wags it's tail
2. The coffee arrived on time this morning (which I know made RL smile as well)
3. I was complimented on my "MILF" status more than once today..ok, so it was by FR employees but I'm psyched all the same.
4. Watching Mark's face when we proceeded to learn the word "nipple" in both French and Italian.
5. Finding out that Jackie's undergarments have been mislocated the majority of the day yet she still continued to smile her glorius smile throughout the ordeal
6. RL showing crack all day long in her tight a** mother fu****jeans all day-crack kills!!!!
7. Knowing that we are heading out to our annual sales dinner at Tao, with post its in hand to lable the lazy Susan.

All good and peace out


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