Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From B.C. to Bloomingdales, the Warrior is Eternal!

On March 8th, Alex and I went to the MET to see the blog.mode fashion exhibit and the Jasper Johns: Gray exhibit.   It was pouring rain that day, so it was nice to spend an entire day in the museum.  Throughout the day, Alex and I discovered that we are wanna be art critic buddies!  
After the blog.mode exhibit, we were heading to the Jasper Johns exhibit and went through a room of old clocks which we had to look at.... This gold clock really stood out.  Alex and I were staring at it, when Alex exclaimed, "That looks like the warrior sandal we have in the Spring 08 collection!"  At that moment we had a revelation to find more representations of the timeless and oldest shoe- The Gladiator Sandal!
Here is the photo of the clock that started us on our hunt!   

Even Jasper Johns in his gray mood had shoes on the brain...check 4 the News.

The MET is full of shoe inspiration.    -Laura

Hey kids!!!! after we got high on the bronze clock and the color gray, we couldn't stop seeing gladiators everywhere!!! we were like crackheads for sandals!!!!!! every room we explored was full of gladiators! it was kinda like ur first car, once you start driving around, you notice everyone that has one!!!
when we hit the greek & romans sculptures, there were more gladiators than christ has christians@!!!!! (which he wore gladiators too by the way!)

Even antonio canova was on trend in 1804!!!!
 (right-click if you think Perseus is kinda hott!!!)
Speaking of Hot! We started our Bloomingdale's  Tour with the Hot Event on Saturday and boy we were outta control!!!
All of our Farylrobin Fans came out in full force ready to kick-off their Spring Summer wardrobe!!!

Here is Julie, the mastermind behind the Bloomingdale's Hot event with Faryl

This girl looked so good in the warrior and wonder!

Iliana on the left, has the most beautiful smile on earth!
And Faryl looks hotter than a pop-tart fresh outta the toaster in her spring launch look!
(so hot in the warrior!)
I love being photographed with beautiful women, it makes me look better!!!! 

This is Jorge, the department manager, with his son Jayden....who is the cutest and most talkative 2 year old.

The warriors look HOTTT on her too!

What event would be complete without chocolate covered strawberries...looks like their going fast!  The server was so nice!
We had a blast at Bloomingdale's!  With the nice weather on our side...people were definitely wanting sandals!
Gladiators are the must-have sandal for 2008, just as they were way back when....so take it from Perseus and get yourself a pair of the Warriors!    -Alex

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nordstrom's The Grove

Here is an email Julia received from a customer Faryl met at Nordstrom's The Grove in L.A. this last Saturday. We are so glad you fell in love with your farylrobins:)

Hi Julia,

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Faryl this past Sat at the Nordstrom’s at The Grove. I bought 2 pair of shoes (Aura in rose and Wistful in gold) and am madly in love with both pairs. I’m hoping you will please pass on to her how much I enjoyed meeting her and for the introduction to her fantastic line of shoes (I loved her dress and will be going to Zara’s soon).

I’ve been telling all my friends about them!! I’ve signed up for the newsletter so I’ll be “in the know”. Thanks!