Friday, June 29, 2007

Rock the Angela for the Fourth of July!

Since the Fourth of July is next Wednesday, everyone here at the Farylrobin office thought it would be appropriate to show you a very festive red, white, and blue way to Rock the Robin! Of course, Lady Liberty is rockin' the Angela in Rosso. It is red patent with a mexican tea towel print covered wedge. They are fun and sexy! The splash halter dress is from Anthropologie. It definitely has the splash of white and blue. It is also very cool and comfortable on a hot and humid Fourth of July. Lady Liberty is holding the Louise metallic gun metal clutch from our friend Lauren Merkin. It adds a little sparkle to match those fireworks. Lauren Merkin recently had an incredible Five Year Aniversary Party where the girls at Farylrobin started the dance party off right. It was a fun night. Thank you Lauren! We loved the party and of course we love your handbags! Lastly, Lady Liberty is wearing red and gold dragonfly earrings from Charmed and Dangerous. They are a perfect way to complete the look and they are only 25 dollars. So now Lady Liberty can forget her boring robe and have a little fun for a change! She is definitely stylin'!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim!

Today was Jim's Birthday so we had a nice little party during lunch with sandwiches, pizza, salad, fruit, sushi and of course a delicious cake! Jackie and Evelyn went and got everything including a little monster cupcake with little eyeballs for Jim. It was actually a cute little monster. Today, we also had to say farewell to Miguel, who handles the logistics/production and is on skype literally 24/7. He was in the NY office all last week and today, but unfortunately he had to go back to Madrid where he lives. Here are a few pics from today's little party.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Rock'in the Kylie the Westcoast Way

Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all? Young is! Here is her Rock the Robin for this week.

It's officially summertime here in Sunny Los Angeles California, and the Kylie's are a perfect shoe to rock with anything! It has bright fun colors and a sexy d'orsay to make your feet look smoking hot! I chose to rock the KYLIE's with this cute little white Cindy Lee dress from I like to take a simple classic style and add flavor and flair with my shoes and the KYLIE's do just that! They are the perfect accessory. This outfit is simple, sexy, and fun. You can pick up these shoes and much more farylrobin at or if you live in Los Angeles, visit EILATAN inside the Beverly Center.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Little Birdie Told Us...

A little birdie told us who the winners are!!! We want to thank everyone that took the time to fill out our survey we had up on our site for the past two weeks. We received a lot of response and feedback which will help us better serve our customers. If it wasn't obvious before the survey, well now it is....our farylrobin fans love color. It is definitely one of our mottos to keep your feet colorful, happy, and fashion savvy!

Here are the five winners who will be receiving a pair of farylrobins!!

Heather from Oakland, CA
Chelsey from Alberta, Canada
Elizabeth from Nashville, TN
Antoinette from New York City
Raissa from Quebec, Canada

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stevie Nicks "The legend"

Last Wednesday night June 13, in the cold rain and wet water, Nick and I went to “The crystal Visions” Stevie Nicks concert at Jones Beach. I have no words to describe how damn good it was. Nick and I had great seats, as you can see by the photos. What you can’t see is that we were standing in 3 inches of water. It was high tide. So worth it! Anyway, Stevie Nicks and her music made me very happy. She is true “velvet classic” and I bow down to her. Her lyrics are genius and soulful and I honestly can not think of current female rock artist (or any rock artist) that holds a candle to Stevie Nicks. Can you? As a side note: Sheryl Crow gets points.

I suggest that if anybody reading this does not own a Stevie Nick’s CD, they should get one right now! Start with Belladonna or actually, start with Crystal Visions and work your way forward.

***I want to thank Sean for sending me his photos. He was seated in front of me and watching him sing ALL the lyrics, including Zeppelin, made me smile. I did not have my camera with me so Nick asked him to send us some of his shots. He did and I am grateful.

Here is her play list:

-Stand Back
- Dreams
- If Anyone Falls
- Rhiannon
- Enchanted
- Gold Dust Woman
- I Need to Know
- Landslide
- Fall From Grace
- Sorcerer
- How Still My Love
- Edge of 17
- Rock and Roll
- Beauty and the Beast


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shoe Model?

Today I was the shoe model for FarylRobin Footwear (God only knows why). I'm a size 8 squeezing into the sample size 7's.
Nevertheless, I did my best to rise to the occassion. Taking one for the team! So Laura and I packed up the shoes and the clothes we chose for the shoot and trudged around Soho in the blistering heat, searching for suitable locations to take pictures.
I have a new-found respect for all parties who have the responsibility to sell a product through a picture. It was incredibly difficult to be creative after the 3rd pair of shoes we put on. With people passing by, making remarks, honking, changing in the middle of the street, etc. focusing on the task at hand was hard. Not to mention the heat!!!
Needless to say Laura and I bumped heads during the shoot. Pictured above, is what we were disagreeing on. She hates the spread-eagle pose! I love the spread-eagle pose!!!! I forced her to take the photo (sorry Laura), hoping that it might turn out good enough for her to work her magic, but unfortunately it didn't make the cut. I guess I can see why...
Did I mention it was hot? After an hour, we couldn't take the heat, we ran over to Soho Park Cafe and Laura introduced me to their amazing iced tea!!!! Its called the Soho Park Iced Tea. It's iced tea with fruit puree, mint, and a hint of lemon. Very satisfying! I salivated over the burgers too, watching people inhale the delicious burgers and fries. I did see someone that is worth mentioning. This guy. Kind of dorky. Maybe in finance, maybe in IT...we couldn't decide. But what was remarkable about him was the fact that he sat perfectly straight, holding his burger over the table with his elbows stretched, arms perfectly parallel to the table. He remained in this position for the good 10 minutes it took him to eat his burger. I was amazed...I can't sit up straight like that for the life of me.
I also would like to mention that the photo is a preview to our Fall 2007 collection. Pictured is the Campo in black. Its a choked up pump on a chunky platform heel. Very cute, comfy and gives great height!! Look out for the Campo in August at one of our fine retail locations!~

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hanging out at the Shoe Box NYC

Last Thursday night we hijacked The Shoe Box store on 3rd Ave. Here's what happens when you combine Margaritas, the Farylrobin flight crew, and retailers that know their business...with women who love shoes!

Check out the Farylrobin display

The magnificent margaritaville purchased from Williams & is amazing

Donna was the Margarita Queen

Faryl helping a customer-she loves working retail!

The Canary was quite a were Donna's legs

Randee Lee and Pharah, buyer for the Shoe Box

Donna and her friend Jennifer rocking their robins

Evelyn enjoying a margarita

Evelyn's entourage

Our PR girls from Maletzky Media looking fabulous

Faryl with Sean, buyer for the Shoe Box

Me and Donna...I think I need a tan

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rock the Robin Wisconsin Style!

Ok so this week I decided to rock the Sardi. As stated in previous blogs, I LOVE THE SARDI and the detail in the woven leather upper. And if you didn't know until now...I am from Wisconsin, the Dairy State, so I had to show my roots. I grew up in a town of 5,000 people in rural Wisconsin, so I have seen my share of barns and cows. As a Wisconsin native, I also love my "squeaky " cheese, brats, and beer. Everyone in the office knows that. Anyway, enough about cheese and cows...

Everyday I read a variety of blogs and one blog I read is Free People's blog. They always have interesting posts about inspiring art, events, and fashion. So since I visit their site daily, I thought I would pull a few items for my look from them. From, I found a red key hole kimono top and some navy broken stripe circle waist wideleg pants. I always go for comfort first. The pants I fell in love with right away because of the wide legs and the three button closure at the top. The back of the pants actually have a tie too. I love anything with kimono sleeves...kimono sleeves in a knit is so fun! For my jewelry, I pulled a chunky gold bracelet with multi-colored stones from Jennifer Miller has great jewelry and it's affordable. I wear yellow gold a lot and love the color orange. Lastly, I found the Angie Convertible Tote by Kooba on It is a nice balance with the bright top and shoes, plus the leather looks delicious!

I would say the Sardis look pretty sweet, even next to the COWS!!!