Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farylrobin has a new friend!

Beginning of this week we received pics from one of our farylrobin customers, Parrish. Her cat Niko loves the Beatrice!

Here's what she had to say:

Thought the folks at Farylrobin would appreciate my cat, Niko, and
her love of your shoes! She rolls all over them and loves the straps.
The funny thing is that they are the only pair to which she pays any
attention. I can't believe how appropriate that they are farylrobins.
Thanks for making shoes that all species love!

Here are some photos of Niko with the shoes. All I can say is CUUUTTTEEE!

Thanks Parrish for the photos.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Parties Galore!

These past two Fridays, the farylrobin office has had reason to celebrate. First, we had a little going away party for our intern Kelly, who is returning to Boston College to start her Junior year. We miss her already! But Kelly, I am definitely looking you up when I go to Boston! Good luck with your fall semester, and feel free to blog anytime from Boston. Here are some of the pics. The red velvet cake was delicious! Good choice Devin.

Then this past friday, we celebrated my 24th B-day. I want to wish Kelly, a Happy Birthday because we share the same birthday, Aug. 25th. If she had only stayed one more week, we could of had a really big celebration. Everyone at the office surprised me with cupcakes and a gift certificate to Mood Fabrics. I love to sew and I love looking at fabric, so I was so excited...which I think is obvious from the smile on my face. Thanks guys! The card I loved. It said "Holy Cow its your birthday!" Jackie found the perfect card for the Wisconsin girl in me. I had a wonderful birthday. From what I hear 24 is a good age to be.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farylrobin Named on Inc. 5000 List

An already exciting year at Farylrobin just got a little better!

We are so proud to announce that Farylrobin Footwear has been named to Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 5000,” a premiere list of America’s fastest-growing private companies! Check it out at – we’re number 1609.

From cross-country plane rides to late-nights at the office, this is truly the culmination of five years worth of hard work by our entire team. We also have to thank our amazing customers; you buy the shoes we work so hard to make sure you love. We would never have received this honor if it wasn’t for you!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Devin's Farylrobin 1sts

It's been a month of "Firsts" for me here at Farylrobin. This, being my first blog. And I also had my two first Farylrobin Bloomingdale Tutorials this month. The first one was at Bloomies on 59th St and the 2nd was at Bloomies Soho. Two COMPLETELY different experiences!

I didn't exactly have the best start for the 59th St. tutorial. For anyone who has ever ridden the L train from Brooklyn knows that whenever you NEED to be somewhere on time, the L train makes sure you get there at least 10 minutes late. Luckily I left a little early that morning. (Not early enough, being that Faryl beat me there). Keep in mind I still have to pick up coffee for the sales associates we dragged out of bed for the 9am meeting. I drop off the 50 lb bag that I lugged from Brooklyn w/ Faryl and proceeded to the most irritated group of Starbucks employees ever. 30 minutes later I finally walk out w/ the coffee that was only supposed to take 15 minutes to make. I hustle over to Bloomies only to realize that the beautiful people at Starbucks did not give me the 20 cups I had asked for (twice). But we made due.

I run into Bloomies to find Faryl and Kelly surrounded by a group of about 10 men. A little confused, I find out that the 59th Street Bloomies women's footwear sales team is comprised of all men and 2 women! Not exactly what I expected. We couldn't exactly turn to the men and say , "Here, try these shoes on! You'll love them!!" haha. Surprisingly enough, they were a GREAT group of guys with a lot of interest and knowledge in women's shoes; more the Farylrobin brand.

The tutorial, with all of the initial turbulence, turned out to be a great experience. (Although Faryl gave me a C- on performance that day) I guess I had to learn the hard way.

The 2nd tutorial was EVEN BETTER. Very different from the 10 men at the 59th St Bloomies, there were all of 3 women sales associates and Jorge the Selling Mgr, but just as much excitement and enthusiasm. The girls and Jorge seemed to love the Fall collection. Everything was going much more smoothly....until....we realized we didn't have a camera with us to take pics for this very blog. Luckily Laura was a trooper and rushed over from the office to help us out. So take a look at the wonderful Soho Bloomies women's footwear sales team. (Sorry 59th Street....we didn't have our camera for your tutorial)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photos from Brighte

So I want to get these photos of Brighte up as quickly as possible, not only because I want to be timely but because I have to forget that horrible photo of me 20 hours in on the plane!

Here is a random group of photos from Brighte:

Kokin: A wonderful neighbor and milliner extraordinaire!

Taryn closing up our booth at the end of the day, she is clipping a sheet to the outside of the booth so strangers and design thieves can not get in…unless they really wanted to.

Me and Woody: Woody went to ski High school with Nick, not only is he an old friend but he now works for Seychelles shoes. Lucky them!

OK, I am lusting over this Kokin top hat. I love, love, love it!

More soon,


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yikes, it has been hyper busy at the Farylrobin offices! It all began at the end of July…Staff meetings (see blog), Super Saturday(see blog), WSA-too busy to blog, Staff changes(see nest). We are all swamped! I am currently at cruising altitude on my way from Oakland to Long Beach. See lovely photo below and don’t ever say that I am not brave!

I look like hell because I have been up since 5 am! I have the option of snacking on animal crackers, Dorito’s munchee mix, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, and of course peanuts. I love Jet blue! Anyway, I flew to Oakland on the 9:30 out of JFK landed 2:00 California time, went to downtown San Fran to meet with Kimberly and Kristi at Nordstrom and am now in a middle seat (boo) on the 6 o’clock flight to LA. Taryn is going to pick me up and tomorrow we are going to The Brighte trade show. So… the high of the day was logistically managing to get things done and the low of the day…every time I bend over to pick up a bag, my dress strap rips a little. I have no idea why. It’s not even tight. On the contrary it is a little loose. I’m bummed.

Peace out, Faryl

Friday, August 3, 2007

Feeling Lucky this Fall?

We are. Fall is here and the fashion mags are are already starting to take note that Farylrobin is going to be a huge hit this season. Check out the Farylrobin Kage in black featured in the September issue of Lucky! -- which has just hit newsstands.

Lucky’s "Fall Trend Special" highlights the key looks everyone will be dying for this season. Getting the "Luxe Biker" look will be easy after read all about the fashion must-haves you'll need to get it right -- from studs to black satin to slim-fitting leather to, of course, the Farylrobin Kage.

Get it now at Nordstrom:

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Lot's Hap'nin' in Our Nest!

I hope all of you that visit our site love the new Fall 07 collection. It just launched today and everyone in the farylrobin office is getting hypnotized by the video of the collection on the intro page. Victor and Chris, from our creative firm, did an amazing job, as always. This season is a little more sophisticated, yet edgy and sexy at the same time. This collection is sure to get your feet excited! Let us know what your new favorite styles are. Leave us a comment.

On another note, I thought I better get these photos posted from our semiannual sales dinner from July 23rd. We had a blast at Freeman's Alley in the Lower Eastside. The food was amazing...especially the dessert!

Almost all of the Farylrobin gang

Devin, Jackie, and Taryn

Fabia (our beautiful shoe model for WSA) and Jarrid (our distributor in Canada)

Kelly (our summer intern) and Faryl

Everyone's busy talking...but wait I think Donna may be addicted to her Blackberry and Jarrid's on his cell....see we are always working even when we're having fun!

Jim, I caught in mid-sentence and Lisa

If you enjoyed these photos, make sure to come back. Our sales team is getting back on Friday from their trip to WSA in Las Vegas. We will definitely have some pics to share and possibly a story or two.