Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yikes, it has been hyper busy at the Farylrobin offices! It all began at the end of July…Staff meetings (see blog), Super Saturday(see blog), WSA-too busy to blog, Staff changes(see nest). We are all swamped! I am currently at cruising altitude on my way from Oakland to Long Beach. See lovely photo below and don’t ever say that I am not brave!

I look like hell because I have been up since 5 am! I have the option of snacking on animal crackers, Dorito’s munchee mix, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, and of course peanuts. I love Jet blue! Anyway, I flew to Oakland on the 9:30 out of JFK landed 2:00 California time, went to downtown San Fran to meet with Kimberly and Kristi at Nordstrom and am now in a middle seat (boo) on the 6 o’clock flight to LA. Taryn is going to pick me up and tomorrow we are going to The Brighte trade show. So… the high of the day was logistically managing to get things done and the low of the day…every time I bend over to pick up a bag, my dress strap rips a little. I have no idea why. It’s not even tight. On the contrary it is a little loose. I’m bummed.

Peace out, Faryl

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture. If only we could make it your headshot. Insert sad face here. -lia