Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Magazines Rock the Robins

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to pick up the June issues of Essence and Bust magazines – now on news stands and featuring the hottest summer styles from Farylrobin!

As you can see, Essence shot an unbelievably fierce picture of the Cori in Sunset in its story “The Style Hookup,” which is all about the hottest fashion finds at the right prices. The editors styled this page beautifully! You can get your own pair of Cori at

Bust “busts” out (sorry, we're just bustin' with excitement) with the Soda in Rosso, paired with a fun green and blue striped dress. This summer it’s all about bursts of color and great color combinations – we love the look they put together here. Soda can be found at

How are you rockin' the robins this summer?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Faryl's Trip to LA

Ok, so I was in LA last week. My travel season seems to be getting more and more out of hand but hey….a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do right? My husband Nick decided to surprise me and join in on the fun. Now that’s what I call a Mother’s day present! I was having such a hard time with this trip I think he thought I might crack the plane window and jump. He kept my spirits up and we got a day to just be together-almost! It meant the world to me.

Here are a few photos of the big trip:

The Twin Towers…
Humzee (from Lorin Santa Monica), Young Chung of Farylrobin fame, and Jeff Bos, West Coast Sales Director for J shoes.
We all play very nicely together!

Lorin/Farylrobin: What a nice table no?

Young outside kitson with the “pie girl”- I have no idea what she was doing with the pie but we love the store and we love that they carry Farylrobin.

Nick and I went to dinner at Koi our first night in LA, it was really yummy and quite a show. How exhausted do we look?

Go south coast Plaza: This new Bloomingdales is just perfect. The shoes are great, the staff is great, the carpeting is clean. No pizza in the stock room but whatever. The staff was really kind and supportive so here’s a hearty “thank you” from Young and me.

Look at the staff…gorgeous right, and so very, very nice!

Young and Wendy the South Coast Shoe department manager.

Faryl and Daniel representing Smart Water

Hannah Schwartz-Hannah is a big Farylrobin fan, she considers herself the Carrie Bradshaw of Orange County. It was a blast chatting shoes.

Starbucks Manhattan Beach

On the Manhattan Beach Pier right before we flew home, we are exhausted!

Celebrity sightings:
John Lovitz and Mathew Perry outside the Mondrion Hotel-within 5 minutes of our arrival.
Lindsey Lohan getting her hair done next to me at Neil George, Beverly Hills.
Sandra Bullock-my all time favorite ever, shopping Bloomingdales South coast Plaza. She looks really, really good!


Friday, May 18, 2007

This is how you Rock the Flip!!

This is my first entry on the Farylrobin blog, which my co-workers know is probably my last. So I decided that since this might be my one and only entry that I should let you see a little glimpse into my past which explains my present. Please note that I have had style from the beginning which has only gotten better with age. SASS STILL INCLUDED! My sister and I were practically raised as twins (until we both started dressing ourselves). We always had the same outfit, but had to make it OUR OWN!
As you can see, we managed to pull it off even while playing dress up! You could consider me the Fashion GURU...

So for my fab night out on the town with Beyonce and Jay-Z, after the taping of my new "video", I decided sexy and sassy are the only way to "rock the robin's." As my co-workers know if you can't shake it you are not in my video. Let's start from the bottom and move up. Put your thang down "Flip" it and reverse it was the phrase that inspired the shoe- "FLIP" that best compliments my Alice and Olivia strapless number. Now those who know me understand that I NEVER leave the house with out a fab bag. The bag for my evening is by Eurotokritos which is built for every occasion, big or small. The icing on the cake belongs to Mimi SO, who keeps me frosted from head to toe.

Most items can be found on and if you are privy to know Mimi So than you know where to go....

Check Me Out!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring 2008 is here!!!

Spring 2008 is already underway, well at least for us it is. The past couple days, we have been going through a ton of shoe prototypes for Spring '08 and coming up with what materials and color ways we want to offer in each style. It is a fun process but very to keep us going we load up on caffeine and sugar!

Here is a pic of Donna, Jackie, and Randee Lee deep into the design process....ok maybe not, but we all need to take a break and have some fun! Notice the water bottles, soda cans, and coffee cups adding up on the floor.

Here's another fun pic of some swatches and sugar. What a good combination! I think there was a good amount of swatches and candy scatter around the entire show room.

It was definitely a fun day and we are all pumped about the Spring '08 line and can't wait to see the new samples.

I definitely have too many favorites to count.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh Sookie Sookie!!!!!

As you you all know or have learned I am not much of a blogger here at Farylrobin but I felt the need to blog today about my favorite shoe of the moment the "Sookie." For those of you who tune in regularly you may remember Laura's post about the Sookie, Sardi, and Soda being amazing already but I was compelled to tell you how much I love my Sookie's.

As a New Yorker, and I use that term lightly since I am a transplant from upstate, I walk to work like the rest of the city. While I make my best attempts to strut down prince street I have to admit that the sookie makes my meager attempt at being cute soooo much easier considering that they are comfortable.

I have made many past strides in sky high heels which was a sight for sore eyes (at the time I remember thinking damn I really got this walk thing down, almost as good as Kirsty Hume and her stallion gallop) I also have done and still do the flat thing but for some reason I feel that I waddle like a duck rather and step with a little shimmy in my shake. But, in my Sookie's I have got a little lift from the wedge but they are low enough that I am not trying to defy gravity........ And I have the walk thing or should I say strut down to a science. (again this statement may be up for interpretation)

Not to mention the colors blend nicely with all of the dresses that have and work equally well with Jeans....

If this blog compels you to step out and get a pair of your own look no further than The Shoe Box either in NYC on 36th street and 3rd ave. or online at Their friendly staff and ever growing collection of Farylrobin shoes will be sure to aide in any strut style to are trying to achieve......

Happy Stepping!!!!

Randee Lee

Friday, May 11, 2007

Rock the Robin for Mother's Day!

So, I was chosen to do the “Rock the Robin” this week. I am going to assume that’s because I’m the “Mom” in the group. Whatever, that’s cool.

Here’s the deal. I love spending mother’s day with my mom, I love spending any day with my mom. She rules, really! She is the most generous, most intelligent and most wonderful mom ever. As you can tell I adore (more like worship) her. I dream that my children will grow up knowing that they are loved and respected for who they are as individuals, the way that I did. I wish on a star each night that they know (because they can feel it in their soul) that I as their mother will ALWAYS be there for them- the good, the bad and the ugly, and I know it can get ugly. Don’t kid yourself, no mom is perfect-but it is our job to try to be perfect (in a human sort of way) and it is the most important job that I have. My mother would expect nothing less. She is a tough act to follow, but I am willing to work my ass off to show her that she taught me well. I have the good fortune to be spending mother’s day with my mother and my children. How blessed am I?

Here is what I will be wearing:

This dress is from Jovovich-Hawke and if I understand correctly, Milla is in the process of becoming a mom herself (Nice). It’s a pretty awesome dress no? You can find it on or–

The bag is from Lauren Merkin, a personal friend of mine. She makes beautiful hand bags and clutches Visit her website at I have this Charlotte clutch in just about every color. The shoe of course is the style Kiss in the Terra color. Here’s the deal, the D’orsey (cut inside) makes it sexy, in an “I’m not trying” sort of way. The coloration makes it cool casual as in…wear it with a dress, wear it with jeans (very practical and smart). And the crème de la crème is that this shoe is really, really comfortable. Like all of our shoes. No doubt I will be lifting a toddler or two for a good part of my evening.

Anyway, I probably won’t wear much jewelry on Mothers day because my son has a way of pulling on my hoops that can make any girl scream. I have lost more than a chain or two with the last minute grab while putting a child down. For the record, I always wear earrings and chains during the day. I WILL be wearing sexy lingerie (a gift to myself and my husband), a kick ass watch, light eye make up with dark lashes and dark lips. I will have manicured hands and feet, I will be wearing smooth (and just a touch of it) perfume and most importantly, I will be wearing a kick ass smile. Until the kids enter the restaurant that is….


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Montel’s Mompreneur

On Tuesday, Faryl was invited to be a special guest at the taping of The Montel Williams Mother's Day show, which honored outstanding moms who are an inspiration to others. The entire audience was made up of moms, and Faryl was asked to attend as the ultimate “mompreneur” - someone who successfully balances the demands of running their own business with the demands of raising a family. Anyone who knows Faryl, knows she is the master of this. Whether she is on Skype from home in the morning so she can drop Olivia and Ryder off at school every day or baking cupcakes for a class party while on a conference call, we are all super impressed. That’s why we're so happy to see her recognized for all her hard work.

Not only was Faryl recognized during the show, but Farylrobin also provided footwear to a mom who was being made over by celebrity stylist Jim Crawford. The mother, raising autistic children, picked the Felona during her makeover with Jim for her new outfit. The shoes looked phenomenal and so did the makeover mom!


Following the makeover, Montel announced that the shoes were courtesy of Farylrobin and that the designer was in the audience! He introduced Faryl as both shoe designer and mompreneur. Faryl and Montel chatted about Farylrobin and she mentioned that her shoes could be found at stores including, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Then, Faryl surprised everyone by announcing that she wanted to celebrate the mothers in the studio audience by giving them all Farylrobin shoes to take home. Needless to say, the audience went wild!!! At the end of the show, everyone went home with the Joy in panna. Faryl was definitely the unofficial star of the show. :-)


Check your local TV listings for Friday, May 11 to watch Faryl on The Montel Williams Show! Here is a link to the show's site: It’s a very inspiring episode that will leave you wanting to call your mom right after! We’re so
glad Faryl got to take part and help all the moms in the audience feel a little more special, and, of course, a little more stylish!

PS - Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 13!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Rock out...

I am here to share my take on "Rock the Robin" I am unsure if this was channeled thru Jackalina, Yackie, Jaclyn, or Jackie but here she is...

I was shopping on my favorite website and I came upon this adorable needlepoint ring. I had to have it...and wanted to share my love with everyone, and how ironic it's my turn to rock it!!!! (All the pieces can be found on anthro website.)
Just a little backround info... I LOVE SUMMER AND SUMMER LOVES ME!! The fact that the warm weather is just starting puts a smile on my face... yay :) !!!! My outfit pretty much sums up my style..but like I said, it all started with the ring. I love oversize rings and my favorite style from the spring line is the Canary in rosso so the rest of the outfit streamed from these two adorable accessories... The Canarys give me height and are the perfect punch of color with this neutral outfit, not to mention they're sooo comfortable and cute!!!! I also like bigger hand bags, they start off empty and at the end of the day are filled to the brim with random supplies, this butter color handbag seemed to fit the outfit perfectly!!!

OK OK OK... I can't wait any longer...look at the puppy! I have been obsessed with pigs since I was a child. I was convinced at some point in my life I would have a pet piglet with a diamond collar and I would skip with her around NYC...well, needless to say I am pig-less! I have been doing some research and decided i would be content if I settled on a french bulldog...or two. I think it's the closest to a pig that I will ever get and of course I have their names picked out. Piglet and Hamlet... Ok I will stop rambling...

But before I go...check out our website to look at the spring styles that we can finally rock in this beautiful weather!

Until next time...........
jac <3


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Jim Rocks!

We just started Rock the Robin, where each week someone new gets to show their personal style and how they rock their farylrobins. Tomorrow, Jackie will be showing you how she rocks her robins. However, even though Jim, our CFO, doesn't get to rock the robins, he still rocks! I know he likes to stay behind the scenes but once in a while he needs to take centerstage. Since Faryl and him are in Miami, I thought it was the perfect time to create a Palooza head of Jim. These are so much fun to create. In fact, my friend Millie made one of me and posted it on my myspace page. It is hilarious. If you want to see Jim rock out, just hit the play button! To create your own, go to You can pick their clothes, moves, and the song they rock to. It was created to promote Lollapalooza, which is a big music festival taking place at Grant Park in Chicago every summer. This year it is running from August 3-5.

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

Even though Mother's Day is just around the corner, you may have forgotten that Cinco de Mayo is this Saturday, giving you another reason to celebrate.

I thought you might need a little history lesson on why May 5th is so important. No it is not Mexico's Day of Independence. That is on September 16th. Actually, Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico (also widely celebrated in the States), commemorating the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin over the French occupational forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

It is a great day to drink some margaritas and eat some great food with friends...oh wait, I do that every weekend! So this weekend, yes I will still enjoy a good margarita on the rocks.--Salt?--Yes, please...But it might be fun to try something new. Upperwestfest, running from April 28th-May 20th, is having a Cinco de Mayo Dance Celebration this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the Ballet Hispanico studios here in NYC. Get a glimpse at the fantastic classes they offer, ranging from Spanish dance to ballet and contemporary. At 3-3:30pm the school's pre-professional dance ensembles perform. Then at 3:30pm free Latin dance lessons (yes I said FREE) prepare everyone for a Latin Dance party to show off newly acquired moves.

So to inspire you to get up and dance, here is a picture which I altered slightly. Do you notice what shoes she is wearing? I will definitely be wearing my angelas out. A lot of our spring line has a Mexicana feel, so you may want to bailar in your farylrobins!