Friday, May 11, 2007

Rock the Robin for Mother's Day!

So, I was chosen to do the “Rock the Robin” this week. I am going to assume that’s because I’m the “Mom” in the group. Whatever, that’s cool.

Here’s the deal. I love spending mother’s day with my mom, I love spending any day with my mom. She rules, really! She is the most generous, most intelligent and most wonderful mom ever. As you can tell I adore (more like worship) her. I dream that my children will grow up knowing that they are loved and respected for who they are as individuals, the way that I did. I wish on a star each night that they know (because they can feel it in their soul) that I as their mother will ALWAYS be there for them- the good, the bad and the ugly, and I know it can get ugly. Don’t kid yourself, no mom is perfect-but it is our job to try to be perfect (in a human sort of way) and it is the most important job that I have. My mother would expect nothing less. She is a tough act to follow, but I am willing to work my ass off to show her that she taught me well. I have the good fortune to be spending mother’s day with my mother and my children. How blessed am I?

Here is what I will be wearing:

This dress is from Jovovich-Hawke and if I understand correctly, Milla is in the process of becoming a mom herself (Nice). It’s a pretty awesome dress no? You can find it on or–

The bag is from Lauren Merkin, a personal friend of mine. She makes beautiful hand bags and clutches Visit her website at I have this Charlotte clutch in just about every color. The shoe of course is the style Kiss in the Terra color. Here’s the deal, the D’orsey (cut inside) makes it sexy, in an “I’m not trying” sort of way. The coloration makes it cool casual as in…wear it with a dress, wear it with jeans (very practical and smart). And the crème de la crème is that this shoe is really, really comfortable. Like all of our shoes. No doubt I will be lifting a toddler or two for a good part of my evening.

Anyway, I probably won’t wear much jewelry on Mothers day because my son has a way of pulling on my hoops that can make any girl scream. I have lost more than a chain or two with the last minute grab while putting a child down. For the record, I always wear earrings and chains during the day. I WILL be wearing sexy lingerie (a gift to myself and my husband), a kick ass watch, light eye make up with dark lashes and dark lips. I will have manicured hands and feet, I will be wearing smooth (and just a touch of it) perfume and most importantly, I will be wearing a kick ass smile. Until the kids enter the restaurant that is….


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