Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh Sookie Sookie!!!!!

As you you all know or have learned I am not much of a blogger here at Farylrobin but I felt the need to blog today about my favorite shoe of the moment the "Sookie." For those of you who tune in regularly you may remember Laura's post about the Sookie, Sardi, and Soda being amazing already but I was compelled to tell you how much I love my Sookie's.

As a New Yorker, and I use that term lightly since I am a transplant from upstate, I walk to work like the rest of the city. While I make my best attempts to strut down prince street I have to admit that the sookie makes my meager attempt at being cute soooo much easier considering that they are comfortable.

I have made many past strides in sky high heels which was a sight for sore eyes (at the time I remember thinking damn I really got this walk thing down, almost as good as Kirsty Hume and her stallion gallop) I also have done and still do the flat thing but for some reason I feel that I waddle like a duck rather and step with a little shimmy in my shake. But, in my Sookie's I have got a little lift from the wedge but they are low enough that I am not trying to defy gravity........ And I have the walk thing or should I say strut down to a science. (again this statement may be up for interpretation)

Not to mention the colors blend nicely with all of the dresses that have and work equally well with Jeans....

If this blog compels you to step out and get a pair of your own look no further than The Shoe Box either in NYC on 36th street and 3rd ave. or online at Their friendly staff and ever growing collection of Farylrobin shoes will be sure to aide in any strut style to are trying to achieve......

Happy Stepping!!!!

Randee Lee

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Shoe said...

Yum! These are super cute. They'll make a great addition to any woman's summer shoe arsenal.