Friday, January 18, 2008

My Visit to NEDA!!!!!

So Neda & I have been emailing back & forth for quite some time and trying to get together so she could take another look at some of her Spring Samples..... On Wed. we finally made it happen and BOY did I fall in love with her store!

It wasn't my first trip to Cobble Hill (as I live in Williamsburg, I'm on the other side of Brooklyn), but it was my first time walking down Court street. Neda glows like an Amethyst crystal amidst a block of other cute boutiques and family-owned restaurants. Conveniently, there is a Dry Clean/Alteration stop a block or two away which is gold to those of us who thrive in a world of immediate gratification.

When I first walked in, I was blown away by the most colourful chandelier I think I've ever seen.

Neda was clearly an accessory designer before she launched her stores and you can tell by the acute attention to detail. Every item in her boutique screams "carefully selected" and all of her merchandise seems to sing in a choir of harmony.

And though the shop sees the scope of all colours its purple and warm tones of brown that Neda seems to love the most.

Aside from the great finds you get at , you'll also be charmed by the sweet faces of Nandini & Erica......

(luv those bags!!!)

And if these two sweethearts can't make you smile, then if you ask nicely maybe, and just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to meet Neda's adorable Poochie named Ito, (comes from one of the Spanish suffixes that you use to make things small and endearing)

If you live in Brooklyn or not too far away, I'd suggest stopping in for a peek at what makes us all love fashion! Be sure to check out her other store in Park Slope on 7th. And here's a preview of her FARYLROBIN selections for the coming spring!

Wee (flat punch & stud thong) in White available May-ish
Entworth (flat peep-toe w/ blue sting-ray) in Tan available March-ish
Song (platform sandal) in shimery Cromo (silver) available April-ish

Have a great weekend boys & gurls!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Shoes across the Country...

So we decided to take a break from making stylishly comfortable shoes and see what is outside the Farylrobin office. Holiday vacation was the perfect time to do it since most of us come from different parts of the country. We packed our bags and cameras and headed to the West, the Midwest, the South, and of course the East to find out what shoes the world is really wearing! So here is what we found…

LA is getting chilly!

Let’s start in the West. I am originally from Los Angeles and like most southern Californians wore my Rainbow flip flops year round. The weather didn’t require wearing more than that most of the time and transitioning from going to the mall and then meeting your friends at the beach for a bonfire was easy! I went back and went to one of the few places people actually walk in LA—Melrose. Guess what I saw.

Uggs or Ugg inspired boots were very popular…still. As my dear friend Alex would say, “friends don’t let friends wear Ugg-ly shoes!” If I didn’t feel for myself how cold it got in LA this year, I would have totally laughed at the idea of wearing an Ugg boot in LA, but now that Global Warming is in full effect and temperature lows are hitting 40's, I understand that warmth is becoming more of a necessity as it is for us in New York. But I have to say this—there are options!

Here are just 2 of the shoes that I saw my entire trip that stood out to me. (It may be due to the fact that they are not Uggs)

I like the black boot because it’s a tough shoe that can be worn casual or dressed up. The little fur-lined ankle bootie is actually my dear friend Jen’s. She lives in New York, but went to high school with me. I’ve seen her wear this in New York, but figured I’d cheat on this assignment a little by using it as an LA shoe. Even though this shoe is just “visiting” it would be a great option for the West Coast. It’s both casual and stylish and the fur accent is a good option instead of Uggs!

I couldn't resist. This is my bff, Yvonne's french bulldog!! Devin wants me to take it off, but she's so cute!


It's a White Christmas in Wisconsin!

Well, I went home to Wisconsin for Christmas and New Years and was bombarded with snow, snow, and more snow. The trend in the Midwest at the moment is boots and rubber toed shoes...anything that keeps your feet warm, happy, and dry. Where Uggs are a fashion statement on the West Coast, Uggs in the Midwest are meant to keep your tootsies toasty. There is definitely more focus on function over fashion in Wisconsin, especially if you have to get up every morning and shovel through a heap load of snow to get your car out of the drive way... Here are a few photos I took.

The first is of course three different versions of rubber toed shoes. The ones on the right with the white are mine....Lands' End baby, based in Dodgeville, WI. The key to a perfect shoe for the winter weather, is something you can slip right on without having to tie and untie. These shoes are perfect for that because they have stretch elastic around the back to easily slip your foot in and out. OH and also make sure you have some good tread on the bottom, so you don't slip and fall in a snow bank.

Next is a photo I took of a thrift shop find my friend Leah had on. Although a lot of people like wearing Doc Marten's and Frye is nice to see a good looking vintage boot. Leah wore these to the New Years cocktail party my friend Darren threw. The party was cocktail attire, but with Leah's sense of humor, she showed up in a square dance included:) I love the look of old mushy leather!

I know I stated the shoes in Wisconsin were all about function, but that doesn't mean you can't wear a pair of ballet flats around the house. My younger sister Hannah and my little cousin Dana ( who I fear will be taller than me next year) wore the same black ballet flats with pin tucked stitching across the front. Dana's even rocking the skinny jeans which is not so common in rural WI...go Dana!

Lastly for is a pic of me stuck in the snow. So now you can see why everyone's wearing boots:)

Stay Warm,

They're Diggin' Purple on the East Coast

So I was having a conversation with my girlfriend on how we've both seen a lot of purple in the world of shoes lately. Specifically, within the past few weeks I've seen a lot of purple pumps.  And no….I don't mean these!!! Haha

A friend of mine picked up some very cool purple suede pumps from a local Brooklyn vintage shop. They even had a cute little bow in the back.

I saw these purple boots on a woman who was clearly enjoying the effects of global warming. She told me it's not often she gets to wear a mini-skirt in January!

This sexy club-goer was sporting some funky purple satin and silver metallic leather platform T-strap pumps and black tights. I don't know how she managed to walk in these while sober, let alone after a few drinks.

In the same night, while out on the town w/ my roommate, I ran into this young lady, who….although, not sporting purple shoes was wearing a really cool (and bright!!) pair of sparkling purple stockings.

In celebrity news, I found a few celebs sporting purple pumps as colorful accents to their wardrobe as well. I thought Tracy Ellis Ross looked great in her purple pumps. (then again…I'm a sucker for great legs!!)

And finally…I had to get in on the purple action myself. As some of you know, I am a complete sneaker fiend…and couldn't help myself when I saw these. Take a look at my most recent purchase for New Years. (I'm wearing them right now)

Bring on Da'Heat baby....

Cold in Jacksonville Florida means you have to wear a cardigan & closed toe for the one week it actually drops below 60. I had so much fun and believe me when i say i didn't pull my scarf or gloves outta my carry on the whole trip.... But I ran around with old bff's and watch my boyfriends & gurlfriends trot around in their flip-flops per usual. Some things never change..... I told my lovely sister on xmas day to not let me 4get to take my shoe fotos 4 work and she got really inspired at my dads haus when my step mom BEV walked in the room with slip ons... "See Alex, even Bev's got on slip-ons!" See the product of my amazing sister's photography below.

My adorable nephew just has to stick his fingers or feet in every picture!

Tales from the Crypt,

It's beginning to look a lot like...Spring?

Flying home to North Carolina, I kept hoping for the same thing I hope for every year – a white Christmas. However, I quickly realized that there would be no snow or even a reason to wear my new leather gloves my brother gave me, because it felt like the beginning days of Spring! Although it felt great outside, I truly love having the four different seasons. I was ready to be bundled up! The boots I have adjusted to wearing in New York were put away (as well as the clothes I packed), and I was able to pull out my favorite kind of shoes… flats! They are oh so great and practical – cute, funky, and totally comfortable. I guess women in North Carolina were on the same page, because I saw flats absolutely everywhere – all kinds of colors, prints, and materials. I really could have walked a mile in some of these shoes!

These are shoes my mom got for Christmas. They are actually wellie loafers, which is so cool! The leopard keeps them trendy and they won’t get messed up on a rainy day!

Okay, everyone needs one pair that they can just put on quickly and run to the store – and these seem to be someone’s pick!

It is always great to just have solid colors – they go with everything! I love how these have the different textures and materials.

It was December, so I did see some boots. I absolutely love this first pair of vintage ones, and the other pair is great as well!

And just so everyone knows… as soon as I left NC, it did get cold for about a week!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008


If case you missed this Sunday's New York Post feature story on Faryl Robin Morse and her favorite New York picks, check it out!

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