Friday, January 18, 2008

My Visit to NEDA!!!!!

So Neda & I have been emailing back & forth for quite some time and trying to get together so she could take another look at some of her Spring Samples..... On Wed. we finally made it happen and BOY did I fall in love with her store!

It wasn't my first trip to Cobble Hill (as I live in Williamsburg, I'm on the other side of Brooklyn), but it was my first time walking down Court street. Neda glows like an Amethyst crystal amidst a block of other cute boutiques and family-owned restaurants. Conveniently, there is a Dry Clean/Alteration stop a block or two away which is gold to those of us who thrive in a world of immediate gratification.

When I first walked in, I was blown away by the most colourful chandelier I think I've ever seen.

Neda was clearly an accessory designer before she launched her stores and you can tell by the acute attention to detail. Every item in her boutique screams "carefully selected" and all of her merchandise seems to sing in a choir of harmony.

And though the shop sees the scope of all colours its purple and warm tones of brown that Neda seems to love the most.

Aside from the great finds you get at , you'll also be charmed by the sweet faces of Nandini & Erica......

(luv those bags!!!)

And if these two sweethearts can't make you smile, then if you ask nicely maybe, and just maybe, you'll be lucky enough to meet Neda's adorable Poochie named Ito, (comes from one of the Spanish suffixes that you use to make things small and endearing)

If you live in Brooklyn or not too far away, I'd suggest stopping in for a peek at what makes us all love fashion! Be sure to check out her other store in Park Slope on 7th. And here's a preview of her FARYLROBIN selections for the coming spring!

Wee (flat punch & stud thong) in White available May-ish
Entworth (flat peep-toe w/ blue sting-ray) in Tan available March-ish
Song (platform sandal) in shimery Cromo (silver) available April-ish

Have a great weekend boys & gurls!!!!!


BarkingDogShoes said...

I love, love, LOVE, the fresh, funky look of Faryl Robin shoes but I haven't tried a pair yet. See, I have a blog about fashionable yet comfortable shoes. I have rheumatoid arthritis but I refuse to cave to ortho shoes. Do you find your customers truly feel your shoes are comfy? I'd love to feature them on my blog.
Kirsten over at

ann said...

Hello...was just wondering what brand those purple sneakers you bought on your last entry were. they're great.

thank ya

devmor said...


I picked up my purple sneaks at Bloomies Soho men's dept. (in the basement). The brand is Alife.

If you stop by Bloomies Soho, be sure to check out the women's shoe dept. as well (3rd floor). And say hello to our buddies Jorge and the amazing sales team.
They have a cool womens sneaker collection (not to mention our New Spring 08 line hitting next month)


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