Monday, February 18, 2008

Eve loves the Edie!

Recently Farylrobin has ventured into the world of facebook and has received a warm welcoming from its fans!  Eve from Brooklyn wrote us a message and I just had to post it in our blog.

I found your FB through and I thought it would be the best place to send over a simple compliment. I spotted my boots at DSW and was mysteriously drawn to them. I was on a mission to find flat, brown, non-suede boots so that I'd be comfortable, they'd match with my brown wardrobe, and I could wear them in non-perfect winter weather. so I got these boots, and it turns out they are also the most comfortable shoes I own, and I own a lot of shoes.

I wanted to share a photo from a winter walk around midtown.

I was so ecstatic about boots that were stylin' and comfy.. they opened up a whole part of the sidewalk that heels kept me from exploring. :)

Hope this reaches someone who'd appreciate it. Thanks!


Eve, we definitely love to hear from our customers:) I have worn the edie like crazy too!

If you are addicted to facebook as much as we are- be our friend!

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