Friday, February 29, 2008

This ain't no small potatoes!!!!

So, there i was, in my t-shirt & sweat pants, being a total couch potato... when the hunger pain hit! I was mashing my brains out, trying to figure out wat i was gonna eat for dinner......

I was searching menugpages, freewilliamsburg, and "spud"denly realized what i really wanted was a loaded potato from potato cafe.....

I was keeping my eyes peeled as i scrolled through listings, trying to find the menu....

Then, i just searched potato cafe williamsburg, and something "spud"tacular happened!

At the top of my search was a link...... It said potato cafe..... but.... it was a myspace page...???

i thought to myself "this seems interesting..." if i only knew that i was going to get sucked into the world of potatos, i might have ordered Italian....

To see the myspace!:

* make sure to pause the music when watching videos

*heres the menu for all you potato-heads that want want some potato cafe today! (they only accept cash for now, But Rael expects to be able to take cards soon!)

(i find it morrally correct to give my bff eran credit to introducing me to potato cafe, thanx eran! i'll take you with me for the sweet, test tasting later!)
ERAN a frequent Potato Cafe customer, also known as "Dude", has a bit to say:
"I love 'em! The homemade pesto is great! I love everything!"

Charmaine and her brother, Rael Started the Cafe in Sept. 07 after Rael had a drunken night partying.....( Ch. actually can't remember where Rael was partying.... when he had the amazing idea!)

Rael and his original partner were so excited about the business opportunity, except there was once problem, Rael did not know how to cook!
So naturally he asked his sister to come on board.... and bring her years of potato experience to the table! (or cutting table!)


Hey Charmaine, i'm calling from Farylrobin... we have this blog...... .... ....
Me: Have you ever thought about venturing out to other roots/vegetables like Onions, Radishes, or Squash? Or does your Loyalty lie with the Potato?

Ch: Yes, actually... Sweet potatoes (Charmaine giggles) As far as toppings, we believe if it can go on pasta, it can go on potatoes.....

Me: Will you ever offer Potato Pastry's such as "Spudnuts" w/ optional toppings?

(this question was inspired by Lauras early roots in the midwest and memory's of her childhood trips to Papa's doughnuts)

Ch: Um.... yes, marshmallow, caramel potatoes... we were thinking of sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows and chocolate..

Me: Can i be the first to try it? :)

Ch: Of course, i just need to find a damn sweet potato! i went to union square market, and was like $20!!! i think i'll stick to idaho... (giggles)..., i'll call you when i test it...

Me: Wats ur favorite Potato entree?

Ch: Chilli con carne, just cause i've practiced it for 15 years....

Me: How did you get into the Potato Industry? Have potatoes always been a passion of yours?
(thanx julia, good question!)

Ch: hahahhahahah no! (to passion), i never dreamt i'd be in the potato industry, not in a million years! (laughing)... but duty calls & my brother gave me no choice.....

me: What is a fun fact about potatoes for our readers?

Ch: oh, well.... well, well... let me think of a fun fact... How about they cook in 2-3 min! you can eat the skin? wait, thats not a fun fact.... how about the long list of toppings we offer, thats fun enough!!!

After getting the whole company riled up Julia & I called Charmaine back and asked her if there was any way we could get potato cafe delivered from williamsburg to soho!!! She hesitantly said "Hold on, let me ask my delivery guy" (i reminded her there was extra tip involved)... When she called back, in between laughs, she told me what he said....

"Who the F, do you think i am!"

(thats a sad NO julia.... if you want a potato, looks like your going to willy!)

Charmaine is so sweet and fun, and the potatoes are amazing! She promised to call me when she masters her new sweet recipe.. she told me to come by anytime, but not this weekend, Because she going to Stowe, VT to taste Vermont Potatoes!!! (thats even more interesting!)

So now i'm obviously curious about Vermont potatoes..................

I decided to call our Account, Well Heeled in Stowe, Vermont and ask Lisa....

Me: Lisa, whats so good about Vermont Potatoes that Charmaine is willing to travel?

L: There ain't no spuds coming up around here!.... Boy, we got snow to our knees & the cutest shoes around! :)

*Including the sold-out, wait-listed, Cuter than any potato........ CAMPO IN CARAMEL!!! (which even more interestingly looks kinda like the colour of a potato!)
*Lisa is willing to do Mail-Sales for a limited time for our devoted Farylrobin fans who have religiously called every week trying to get this shoe!!!
(Thanx Lisa, we'll be in touch soon!)

Interesting Potato History:

1) Mr. Potato Head was invented by George Lerner in the early 1950s.

2)Paul Greengard won the 2000 medicine Nobel for nerve-cell research, but he also came in first in a potato-sack race at a New York Boy Scout jamboree!

*robbed of your childhood?click on link below!

3) The self educated Luther Burbank (1849-1926) was an American plant breeder, who actually invented the Russet Burbank potato (also called the Idaho potato), in 1871.

4) James Brown had two Mashed Potato related chart Hits! (Do the) Mashed Potatoes (1960) and Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (1962)

(thanx Jane, our new design assistant, great potato history!)

5) French fries were introduced to Americans when President Thomas Jefferson served them at the White House.

6) In October 1995, the potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space. (yes, it is a vegetable)

7) The potato is the second most consumed food in the United States - trailing only after milk products.

Looks like theres a world of potatoes out there! you can even listen to Potato Music!

(thanx agian Julia, looks like potato talk has inspired you! :)

All right boys and girls...... i think thats enough potato talk for today... Feel the need to fact check me? got an interesting potato fact, trivia, or history? Wanna have potato talk? :) tell me what you think!!!! Tell me a funny story about potatoes.... anything!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, Alex!
That post was "spud"tastic! I am inspired to rock those hot to trot campo shoes right on over to the spud cafe.

Oh, man I never knew someone could say SO much about potatoes. Well, you've done it and I want to try me that sweet potato one.

Best post ever!

Your friend and fellow faryl/potato lover Isabelle


Shoe Stream said...

hmmmm you've made me hungry lol

Anonymous said...


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