Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Now Heel This!

Tune in AGAIN to watch The Rachael Ray Show on Monday, March 5!

Picking out a gorgeous pair of heels can be easy, but knowing how to walk in them can often be another story. We’ve all seen those women who make it look so effortless... jealous! Lucky for the rest of us, on Monday, March 5th, Rachael Ray will be speaking with the ultimate shoe lover, the always awesome, Miss Meghan, author of “The Perfect Fit: What Your Shoes Say About You” for her tips on how to walk properly in a pair of high heels. We love Miss Meghan and, as you already know, we love Rachael Ray, so be sure to watch and wait for the very special happy ending the studio audience receives courtesy of Farylrobin Footwear!

Check it out and tell us what you think of the segment!

Look here for more info:
Miss Meghan’s “Shoe Are You?” Blog Featuring Faryl Robin Morse: Miss Meghan™ :: The Perfect... -
Info on Rachael Ray’s Heels Segment:

- Karyn Ravin, Maletzky Media

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rachael Ray Made Our Day!

We have known for a while that talk show host Rachael Ray is a fan of Farylrobin, but when we got the call that Rachael was going to be forever immortalized as a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s New York and that she was going to be wearing the Farylrobin "Frisky" boot, we were ecstatic! We couldn’t believe it!! We were so psyched that her and her stylist (who does an amazing job and is one of the coolest people we know) selected our boots for this very important outfit. Even though Faryl made those boots for walkin, wax is way cool! We’ll take it…

To make a good thing even better, thanks to Rachael’s stylist, one of the producers from The Rachael Ray Show called and invited Faryl and a few of the Farylrobin team members to be there in the front row on the day that the waxed Rachael would be unveiled on the show. Faryl was so touched to be included in this exciting moment that she thought she should do something special in return. She called her friends at, a new footwear and accessories online shopping destination from, which is carrying the Farylrobin spring line and asked if they would be interested in celebrating this moment with her by offering everyone in Rachael’s studio audience that day $100 towards a new pair of shoes. was, of course, so supportive and jumped right in to participate. Not only is their site awesome -- they are, too!

The Rachael Ray Show aired this morning and it was a huge success!! Faryl looked amazing on national television! The audience went wild for! And, Rachael's wax figure was so cool! If you didn't get to see the show today, there are links below you should definitely check out.

Faryl on the set with waxed Rachael Ray who is wearing the Farylrobin "Frisky"

Roll call....
As we watched the show this morning, it reminded all of us how much fun we had working on this with everyone. Thank you so much to all the people that helped make Faryl and crew feel super special. Elaine and Tracy from, thanks for giving the audience members such an awesome gift! Coordinating Producer SG and Stylist JHF – you guys rock! And, a special thanks to the various producers, on-set staff and audience members from Rachael Ray who came over to thank Faryl and her team and ask questions about Farylrobin and We enjoyed meeting all of you.

Last, but not least, Rachael, THANK YOU! We are as much a fan of yours as you are of Farylrobin. You look as amazing in person as you do on TV and now in wax! Congrats on this big moment!

Important links you must check out:
-- The Rachael Ray Show:
-- Get the Farylrobin "Frisky" boot that Rachael Ray is wearing at Madame Tussaud’s:
-- See Rachael Ray at Madame Tussaud’s New York starting today:
-- Shop Farylrobin spring styles at now:

- Karyn Ravin, Maletzky Media

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The world is spinning

Wow, is all I have to say! It seems things are running full speed ahead with little time to enjoy the view. On a good note, Spring shoes are in stores and selling well. "Thanks god" as my Candadian friends like to say. That allows me to sleep a little better at night. Our shipping always seems slow this time of year and the amount of time it takes to get cases of shoes out of our warehouse always makes me crazy. I guess I should be grateful that I am not packing, labeling and UPSing but damn, it feels so very, very, slow. Brook is in Atlanta, Donna and Young are at the Project show in Vegas, Mark is flying to Atlanta tomorrow and Randeelee is in back to back appointments most of the day. She did however manage to get shoes from one store to another today so that a sale of Bounder could be completed. Giselle from NYC, I hope that you are happy, she really worked the trade for you. We aim to please. My life is utter chaos at the moment. Between baking cupcakes for my daughter's school (I was on Valentines party) to school drop off and dentist appointments, it's a wonder I'm still sane. I love President's day! I am going to Columbus Ohio for the day on Tuesday and leave for San Diego on Wednesday. I will be visting FIDM and Fashion Careers in San Diego. That's always fun. If you are in San Diego come visit me at Bloomingdales Fashion Valley on Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00. But be nice, I'm tired! Also, a shout out goes to Zeke at Lorin Santa Monica for keeping me on my toes (I am going to kill you) and to Jackie for sending the Bloomingdales team at 59th Street pizza for the day. Not to mention everything else you have been doing all day and all night long-you rock. Train show NYC starts on Monday-RL and Donna will be representing-Donna is going to be so very, very tired and Sole Commerce starts on Tuesday. There really is NO rest for the weary. Good thing they are young and fresh!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I almost forgot Valentine's

Today was chaos getting to work with all of the snow taking over the city. I put on my heavy winter coat and my flannel hat with the ear flaps and faux fur to prepare myself for the weather. With my big rubber boots on too, I looked like a character from Northern Exposure (TV show set in Alaska if anyone remembers it). Anyway, I got to the office and said hi to Jackie. Then checked my email and got to work. Then Evelyn comes in and through all of her layers of outerwear yells "Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies!" That's when I remembered it was Valentine's. I guess Valentine's Day is not on the top of my list of favorite holidays, since I didn't even remember it. Anyway, for those of you who love to receive valentine's greeting, here is a little message from the Farylrobin Team. It is better late than never.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Ode to California

Oh California, how I love thee!!!!!!
Ok, so I've been on the West Coast since last week! We hit up Vegas, as Faryl and Randee Lee have informed you! Worked our asses off, but loved every second of it! I absolutely love the group we had, talk about working as a team!!! Anyway, after WSA Mark and I drove to L.A. Guess who drove the whole way?! This chick! I know it shouldnt be shocking, but if you knew me you'd be impressed! I only got 2 speeding tickets and a minor fender bender..haha jk! You all must know I am a water-a-holic! I drink like its my part time job! So, on the 4 hour drive, I must have made Mark stop atleast 6 times (still sorry) blah blah......anyway. L.A was beautiful, while NYC was getting blasted with the chillies, we were in almost 70 degree weather! In my glory! We hit up dept stores, a couple boutiques and the finest gas stations on the west coast. No really, the purpose of our trip was to educate the Bloomingdales employees on Farylrobin and get feedback from the ones who know feet best! I would now like to give a SHOUT OUT!!! to my fine friend Cyrus, who sold Halle Berry the Bounder boot! I officially owe you more than breakfast!

Please note my love for all department store employees, you serioulsy ROCK! I learned alot this past week and hope you guys got as much out of the past couple days as me!

Hugs and Kisses to all, and to all a wonderful freakin weekend!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's damn cold

Can NYC get any colder than it is right now???? It's freezing! The office is humming and we are working like crazy. There is a lot to do after a trade show. Jaclyn and Mark are in California meeting with the sales associates from Nordstroms and Bloomingdales. It's called a tutorial. We bring breakfast (or lunch), introduce ourselves and our company to the store sales associates and show them the shoes that they will be receiving...any minute. It's really important (I think) that we introduce ourselves to the sales associates. We are a small company with a very specific culture, we want all the people that we work with to understand and be able to share that culture with you. Even if you hate it-which I can't imagine. Anyway, our sales associates are our gods, they are our eyes and ears and they work like hell. Retail is the hardest job ever. The hours, the physical time spent standing up and the fact that they have to put up with a lot of sh** from mean people!
I personally want to send a shout out to Cyrus at the Century City Bloomingdales and thank him for selling Halle Berry her Bounder's and for being so supportive of our brand. It means the world to us. Jackie loves you. Peace out,


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day 3

Hello Again!

This is Randee Lee here, Faryl has flown the coop on her way back to the nest and she has
appointed me bird keeper for the day. So what to say about day three other than our team is red hot! (that is a cheer that we learned from our own in house cheerleader Brook AKA the flasher!) At one point during the day all 6 of us were handleing customers and the shoes were flying from room to room. All of our feathers got a little ruffled when we had two major competeing customers viewing the collection at the same time, one in each room...... To end the day we met with our favorite customer from abroad, Russell and Bromley. You can check them out at

Not only do we love Russell and Bromley and England in general, all the girls have a secrect crush on one or both of these distingushed gentlemen. Shhhh don't tell!!!! Things that made us smile:

1. Brook , the flasher, gave us all a show.
2. British accents (thank you Stuart and Roger)!!
3. Fabia and her tapping continued to amuse us as well as the customers
4. Men with Asian fetishes make Donna smile
5. Mark smiles all day becuase he is surrounded by Hotties that adore him
6. Luscious Red Lips
7. I can not say for sure but I think that our teamwork and dedication made Faryl's smile larger than all or ours. :-)

Thats a wrap on day 3 tune in tomorrow and we will give you an entire recap of the dirt, gossip, and maybe show you a few pictures of the Dish!


Randee Lee

Friday, February 2, 2007

Day Two-Blog don't Clog

Today started off a bit constipated, literally. Donna's first encounter of the day was with housekeeping, in the bathroom, at a most inopportune moment (for Donna). She was finally able to GO. Unfortunately she was interrupted when housekeeping decided that Donna's moment was her moment to clean the bathroom. Needless to say, Donna has been clogged physically-not verbally. I know this because she felt the need to share her emotionally disruptive story with anybody that woudl listen-customers included. I felt with her desire to share the experience that it was safe to share it with you all. Thus begins day two. If there is any word to describe day two, constipated would be appropriate. Our room was also clogged up the majority of the day. We either had 50 people in our 20 person capacity room or we had 0, it was stop and go all the way. With that being said, we had a tremendous day. I am bothered by the notion that tomorrow is going to be a mess. All those that could not get to The Venetian will come by tomorrow in conjuction with our appts of tomorrow-making it chaotic to say the least. A total traffic log jam. Now, I know that this is a high class problem to have, it's always nice to be the busiest intersection on the street but it also means that we will have limited time to work with each customer- It stops the natural flow of things. Which Donna has already proven can clog your day. Once again, it's nice to be us. We worked with some of our favorite buyers and sold lots and lots of shoes. The line is awesome and the sales prove it.
Things that made me smile today:
1. Figuring out that when Fabia likes a shoe, she a puppy wags it's tail
2. The coffee arrived on time this morning (which I know made RL smile as well)
3. I was complimented on my "MILF" status more than once today..ok, so it was by FR employees but I'm psyched all the same.
4. Watching Mark's face when we proceeded to learn the word "nipple" in both French and Italian.
5. Finding out that Jackie's undergarments have been mislocated the majority of the day yet she still continued to smile her glorius smile throughout the ordeal
6. RL showing crack all day long in her tight a** mother fu****jeans all day-crack kills!!!!
7. Knowing that we are heading out to our annual sales dinner at Tao, with post its in hand to lable the lazy Susan.

All good and peace out


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Day One, we rocked the Casbah

Holy sh**, can you say chaos. Today was the most amazing first show day that Farylrobin has ever had. I know, I know, you think what else would I say, but really, I swear, it was unbelievabel! I have no words to describe how proud I am of the Farylrobin sales team. At one point we were tossing shoes from one room to another because we simply did not have enough samples to show all the stores that we were working with. Things that make me smile
1. The entire line was well received and we doubled our average sku count (stock keeping unit-or items) per order. This makes me proud for a number of reasons but mostly because it really allows us to expand out customer base. Listen, if you like FR, you like all of FR and that's the net net. You should be able to buy more of what you like.
2. I have never seen a sales force as supportive and generous with eachother than the team we have at this show. We really showed the love today.
3. Joe represented at the end of the day by cheerleading for the group.
4. Lunch was good and Jackie supplied Diet Dr. Pepper.
5. Humsey, from the Lorin store in Santa Monica, makes us alllllll smile....... He wins Hottie Boom Batti award of the day! Ladies check him out if you are in the hood.
6. Donna almost stripped for us all, or just removed her thigh highs.
7. Young was a major asian invasion that has persuasion here at FR.

There it is in a nut shell folks...... Day One Complete.....untill tomorrow.......

Tune in and we will fill you in on as the saga continues.

You're Bound to Get the Bounder!

Our PR firm Maletzky Media just told us that Halle Berry, spotted wearing the Bounder was just reposted in the Off the Rack Section of People StyleWatch. Check it out at Off the Rack
She actually has been wearing the Bounder a lot. The January 29th issue of OK! Magazine showed her "Rockin the 'Robins" as well as the New York Post, Page Six from January 4th!