Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's damn cold

Can NYC get any colder than it is right now???? It's freezing! The office is humming and we are working like crazy. There is a lot to do after a trade show. Jaclyn and Mark are in California meeting with the sales associates from Nordstroms and Bloomingdales. It's called a tutorial. We bring breakfast (or lunch), introduce ourselves and our company to the store sales associates and show them the shoes that they will be receiving...any minute. It's really important (I think) that we introduce ourselves to the sales associates. We are a small company with a very specific culture, we want all the people that we work with to understand and be able to share that culture with you. Even if you hate it-which I can't imagine. Anyway, our sales associates are our gods, they are our eyes and ears and they work like hell. Retail is the hardest job ever. The hours, the physical time spent standing up and the fact that they have to put up with a lot of sh** from mean people!
I personally want to send a shout out to Cyrus at the Century City Bloomingdales and thank him for selling Halle Berry her Bounder's and for being so supportive of our brand. It means the world to us. Jackie loves you. Peace out,


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