Friday, February 9, 2007

Ode to California

Oh California, how I love thee!!!!!!
Ok, so I've been on the West Coast since last week! We hit up Vegas, as Faryl and Randee Lee have informed you! Worked our asses off, but loved every second of it! I absolutely love the group we had, talk about working as a team!!! Anyway, after WSA Mark and I drove to L.A. Guess who drove the whole way?! This chick! I know it shouldnt be shocking, but if you knew me you'd be impressed! I only got 2 speeding tickets and a minor fender bender..haha jk! You all must know I am a water-a-holic! I drink like its my part time job! So, on the 4 hour drive, I must have made Mark stop atleast 6 times (still sorry) blah blah......anyway. L.A was beautiful, while NYC was getting blasted with the chillies, we were in almost 70 degree weather! In my glory! We hit up dept stores, a couple boutiques and the finest gas stations on the west coast. No really, the purpose of our trip was to educate the Bloomingdales employees on Farylrobin and get feedback from the ones who know feet best! I would now like to give a SHOUT OUT!!! to my fine friend Cyrus, who sold Halle Berry the Bounder boot! I officially owe you more than breakfast!

Please note my love for all department store employees, you serioulsy ROCK! I learned alot this past week and hope you guys got as much out of the past couple days as me!

Hugs and Kisses to all, and to all a wonderful freakin weekend!

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