Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day 3

Hello Again!

This is Randee Lee here, Faryl has flown the coop on her way back to the nest and she has
appointed me bird keeper for the day. So what to say about day three other than our team is red hot! (that is a cheer that we learned from our own in house cheerleader Brook AKA the flasher!) At one point during the day all 6 of us were handleing customers and the shoes were flying from room to room. All of our feathers got a little ruffled when we had two major competeing customers viewing the collection at the same time, one in each room...... To end the day we met with our favorite customer from abroad, Russell and Bromley. You can check them out at

Not only do we love Russell and Bromley and England in general, all the girls have a secrect crush on one or both of these distingushed gentlemen. Shhhh don't tell!!!! Things that made us smile:

1. Brook , the flasher, gave us all a show.
2. British accents (thank you Stuart and Roger)!!
3. Fabia and her tapping continued to amuse us as well as the customers
4. Men with Asian fetishes make Donna smile
5. Mark smiles all day becuase he is surrounded by Hotties that adore him
6. Luscious Red Lips
7. I can not say for sure but I think that our teamwork and dedication made Faryl's smile larger than all or ours. :-)

Thats a wrap on day 3 tune in tomorrow and we will give you an entire recap of the dirt, gossip, and maybe show you a few pictures of the Dish!


Randee Lee

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