Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rachael Ray Made Our Day!

We have known for a while that talk show host Rachael Ray is a fan of Farylrobin, but when we got the call that Rachael was going to be forever immortalized as a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s New York and that she was going to be wearing the Farylrobin "Frisky" boot, we were ecstatic! We couldn’t believe it!! We were so psyched that her and her stylist (who does an amazing job and is one of the coolest people we know) selected our boots for this very important outfit. Even though Faryl made those boots for walkin, wax is way cool! We’ll take it…

To make a good thing even better, thanks to Rachael’s stylist, one of the producers from The Rachael Ray Show called and invited Faryl and a few of the Farylrobin team members to be there in the front row on the day that the waxed Rachael would be unveiled on the show. Faryl was so touched to be included in this exciting moment that she thought she should do something special in return. She called her friends at, a new footwear and accessories online shopping destination from, which is carrying the Farylrobin spring line and asked if they would be interested in celebrating this moment with her by offering everyone in Rachael’s studio audience that day $100 towards a new pair of shoes. was, of course, so supportive and jumped right in to participate. Not only is their site awesome -- they are, too!

The Rachael Ray Show aired this morning and it was a huge success!! Faryl looked amazing on national television! The audience went wild for! And, Rachael's wax figure was so cool! If you didn't get to see the show today, there are links below you should definitely check out.

Faryl on the set with waxed Rachael Ray who is wearing the Farylrobin "Frisky"

Roll call....
As we watched the show this morning, it reminded all of us how much fun we had working on this with everyone. Thank you so much to all the people that helped make Faryl and crew feel super special. Elaine and Tracy from, thanks for giving the audience members such an awesome gift! Coordinating Producer SG and Stylist JHF – you guys rock! And, a special thanks to the various producers, on-set staff and audience members from Rachael Ray who came over to thank Faryl and her team and ask questions about Farylrobin and We enjoyed meeting all of you.

Last, but not least, Rachael, THANK YOU! We are as much a fan of yours as you are of Farylrobin. You look as amazing in person as you do on TV and now in wax! Congrats on this big moment!

Important links you must check out:
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- Karyn Ravin, Maletzky Media


andrea said...

I love those boots, they are super cute.

Shankari said...

I just ordered two faryl robin pairs. I am very excited that I got off work early to see if they came in :) ABOSULTELY adore your "beatrice". I am sure I will love my shoes and will spread the word :) Good job guys.