Thursday, February 1, 2007

Day One, we rocked the Casbah

Holy sh**, can you say chaos. Today was the most amazing first show day that Farylrobin has ever had. I know, I know, you think what else would I say, but really, I swear, it was unbelievabel! I have no words to describe how proud I am of the Farylrobin sales team. At one point we were tossing shoes from one room to another because we simply did not have enough samples to show all the stores that we were working with. Things that make me smile
1. The entire line was well received and we doubled our average sku count (stock keeping unit-or items) per order. This makes me proud for a number of reasons but mostly because it really allows us to expand out customer base. Listen, if you like FR, you like all of FR and that's the net net. You should be able to buy more of what you like.
2. I have never seen a sales force as supportive and generous with eachother than the team we have at this show. We really showed the love today.
3. Joe represented at the end of the day by cheerleading for the group.
4. Lunch was good and Jackie supplied Diet Dr. Pepper.
5. Humsey, from the Lorin store in Santa Monica, makes us alllllll smile....... He wins Hottie Boom Batti award of the day! Ladies check him out if you are in the hood.
6. Donna almost stripped for us all, or just removed her thigh highs.
7. Young was a major asian invasion that has persuasion here at FR.

There it is in a nut shell folks...... Day One Complete.....untill tomorrow.......

Tune in and we will fill you in on as the saga continues.

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a fan in Paris said...

Way to go Faryl and to the whole nest at farylrobin! Great products, a great team, and adoring fans... What's next? How about distribution in Europe!