Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spring 2008 is here!!!

Spring 2008 is already underway, well at least for us it is. The past couple days, we have been going through a ton of shoe prototypes for Spring '08 and coming up with what materials and color ways we want to offer in each style. It is a fun process but very to keep us going we load up on caffeine and sugar!

Here is a pic of Donna, Jackie, and Randee Lee deep into the design process....ok maybe not, but we all need to take a break and have some fun! Notice the water bottles, soda cans, and coffee cups adding up on the floor.

Here's another fun pic of some swatches and sugar. What a good combination! I think there was a good amount of swatches and candy scatter around the entire show room.

It was definitely a fun day and we are all pumped about the Spring '08 line and can't wait to see the new samples.

I definitely have too many favorites to count.


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