Thursday, August 16, 2007

Photos from Brighte

So I want to get these photos of Brighte up as quickly as possible, not only because I want to be timely but because I have to forget that horrible photo of me 20 hours in on the plane!

Here is a random group of photos from Brighte:

Kokin: A wonderful neighbor and milliner extraordinaire!

Taryn closing up our booth at the end of the day, she is clipping a sheet to the outside of the booth so strangers and design thieves can not get in…unless they really wanted to.

Me and Woody: Woody went to ski High school with Nick, not only is he an old friend but he now works for Seychelles shoes. Lucky them!

OK, I am lusting over this Kokin top hat. I love, love, love it!

More soon,


1 comment:

shoe crazy said...

where can I buy the top Hat in the Last photo? you guys always look like you are having fun!