Friday, August 17, 2007

Devin's Farylrobin 1sts

It's been a month of "Firsts" for me here at Farylrobin. This, being my first blog. And I also had my two first Farylrobin Bloomingdale Tutorials this month. The first one was at Bloomies on 59th St and the 2nd was at Bloomies Soho. Two COMPLETELY different experiences!

I didn't exactly have the best start for the 59th St. tutorial. For anyone who has ever ridden the L train from Brooklyn knows that whenever you NEED to be somewhere on time, the L train makes sure you get there at least 10 minutes late. Luckily I left a little early that morning. (Not early enough, being that Faryl beat me there). Keep in mind I still have to pick up coffee for the sales associates we dragged out of bed for the 9am meeting. I drop off the 50 lb bag that I lugged from Brooklyn w/ Faryl and proceeded to the most irritated group of Starbucks employees ever. 30 minutes later I finally walk out w/ the coffee that was only supposed to take 15 minutes to make. I hustle over to Bloomies only to realize that the beautiful people at Starbucks did not give me the 20 cups I had asked for (twice). But we made due.

I run into Bloomies to find Faryl and Kelly surrounded by a group of about 10 men. A little confused, I find out that the 59th Street Bloomies women's footwear sales team is comprised of all men and 2 women! Not exactly what I expected. We couldn't exactly turn to the men and say , "Here, try these shoes on! You'll love them!!" haha. Surprisingly enough, they were a GREAT group of guys with a lot of interest and knowledge in women's shoes; more the Farylrobin brand.

The tutorial, with all of the initial turbulence, turned out to be a great experience. (Although Faryl gave me a C- on performance that day) I guess I had to learn the hard way.

The 2nd tutorial was EVEN BETTER. Very different from the 10 men at the 59th St Bloomies, there were all of 3 women sales associates and Jorge the Selling Mgr, but just as much excitement and enthusiasm. The girls and Jorge seemed to love the Fall collection. Everything was going much more smoothly....until....we realized we didn't have a camera with us to take pics for this very blog. Luckily Laura was a trooper and rushed over from the office to help us out. So take a look at the wonderful Soho Bloomies women's footwear sales team. (Sorry 59th Street....we didn't have our camera for your tutorial)


Faryl said...


You may have gotten a C- for 59th street but you jumped to a B in soho....Looking forward to tutorial #3.

Jorge said...

You guys were great at the SoHo seminar. It was a pleasure to meet all of you , and the staff was excited about the Fall collection! We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Jorge and the Bloomies SoHo team :o)

Alexis85 said...

Hi Faryl
It's Alexis. I dont know if you remember me my moms Name is Louise. She used to work with your mom. Last time you saw me i was probably about ten. lol. Well i was just looking at the bloomies web site and i saw your boots. I'm really happy for you. The boot are fab. I hope everything is well. My mom says Hi. Well Congrats on all your sucsess.

Alexis85 said...

Sorry i didnt leave my e-mail it's

Alexis85 said...
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