Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hanging out at the Shoe Box NYC

Last Thursday night we hijacked The Shoe Box store on 3rd Ave. Here's what happens when you combine Margaritas, the Farylrobin flight crew, and retailers that know their business...with women who love shoes!

Check out the Farylrobin display

The magnificent margaritaville purchased from Williams & Sonoma...it is amazing

Donna was the Margarita Queen

Faryl helping a customer-she loves working retail!

The Canary was quite a hit...so were Donna's legs

Randee Lee and Pharah, buyer for the Shoe Box

Donna and her friend Jennifer rocking their robins

Evelyn enjoying a margarita

Evelyn's entourage

Our PR girls from Maletzky Media looking fabulous

Faryl with Sean, buyer for the Shoe Box

Me and Donna...I think I need a tan


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love The Shoe Box, it's a great store. They started in Long Island and now, thankfully, they are in NYC-cool!

Anonymous said...

I love The Shoe Box-I did not know they had locations in New York I am going to check them out. Can you tell me where they are?

Anonymous said...

Shoes are very cute and they carry all the trendy brands. However, nothing's on sale yet for this season and I found a lot of shoes went on sale at other retail stores.. Hope they compare their prices with other retail stores in order to make the price fair (before anyone really complains about this...) But love their shoes!

Anonymous said...

The Shoe Box has a great selection of my favorite designer shoes! They actually are having a great sale where i just got some great deals! As an original Long Island girl, i'm so happy having them in the city!

Anonymous said...

The margaritas were delicious! Sadly, I look pale here, which has now been fixed thanks to vacation! Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon (hopefully, drinks very much in hand)
-- lia, from MM