Friday, June 1, 2007

Rock the Robin Wisconsin Style!

Ok so this week I decided to rock the Sardi. As stated in previous blogs, I LOVE THE SARDI and the detail in the woven leather upper. And if you didn't know until now...I am from Wisconsin, the Dairy State, so I had to show my roots. I grew up in a town of 5,000 people in rural Wisconsin, so I have seen my share of barns and cows. As a Wisconsin native, I also love my "squeaky " cheese, brats, and beer. Everyone in the office knows that. Anyway, enough about cheese and cows...

Everyday I read a variety of blogs and one blog I read is Free People's blog. They always have interesting posts about inspiring art, events, and fashion. So since I visit their site daily, I thought I would pull a few items for my look from them. From, I found a red key hole kimono top and some navy broken stripe circle waist wideleg pants. I always go for comfort first. The pants I fell in love with right away because of the wide legs and the three button closure at the top. The back of the pants actually have a tie too. I love anything with kimono sleeves...kimono sleeves in a knit is so fun! For my jewelry, I pulled a chunky gold bracelet with multi-colored stones from Jennifer Miller has great jewelry and it's affordable. I wear yellow gold a lot and love the color orange. Lastly, I found the Angie Convertible Tote by Kooba on It is a nice balance with the bright top and shoes, plus the leather looks delicious!

I would say the Sardis look pretty sweet, even next to the COWS!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your take on things. You look good!