Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pre- Day One- In Flight Disaster

So, I don't know how much you guys know about the shoe industry, but it basically comes down to how well your line is received and in this case, Farylrobin, at the first shoe show of the season-WSA. Basically, the entire shoe industry is on the same flight from NYC to Las Vegas, where the show is held. These are people that you know and like, know and don't like, know and need to like you...get it? These are the people you admire (for the most part) and the people that you need to admire you! This is where you separate the men from the boys-or in this case women from the girls. Now, I am no novice at WSA, I have been traveling back and forth to this show for years. I know secrets like 1. when staying at the Venetian hotel, go directly past check in (with a line out the door) and up to the 10th floor which has it's own check in desk and nobody in line. 2. If at all possible, have somebody meet you at the airport because the taxi line is hell and 3. Something will always happen that is unplanned. This could include lost packages, missed flights and not being able to find the shoes that you know, swear, would bet your life, were packed-these are the ones you touched, felt and wrapped yourself. So...what happened. Nobody ever knows!
So now, on this very important pre-day flight-keeping in mind I am pretending to be a big deal, even if it's to myself, how I ask, could I have been novice enough to go to the bathroom 5 minutes before landing-as we are descending through the clouds. I know better, I know that the most turbulent time of flight is cloud passage. What was I thinking? Anyway, I got in line, I got in the bathroom and bam, cloud passage. I tried to get out, I opened the door and the flight attendant screamed-yes, screamed "Not now...hold the bar on the inside of the bathroom". Of course I did because all of my peers were staring straight ahead-to the front of the the bathroom door. So I ask, what do you do? Close the door? Keep the door open? Really, deciding what to hold onto and what not to hold onto is not an option considering the options in an airplane bathroom. (if I start to really consider what I was actually holding onto I might not be able to hold down the doritos munchies mix I consumed mid-flight.) So, I shut the door, I held on, and I wondered if it gets any worse than dying in an airplane bathroom? I honestly am still not sure. So what's worse than being yelled at by a flight attendant, in front of the people you want to respect you most, to get get BACK IN THE BATHROOM, on an airplane? And thus begins the misadventures of Faryl at WSA...wish us luck. to be continued......

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