Thursday, August 7, 2008

University of Georgia Rocks with the Art of the Sole

Last week, Jennifer Griffith's Advertising and Public Relations class gave a tremendous presentation on a marketing and communications strategy for Farylrobin. All 12 women in the class donned their Farylrobin's for the presentation, which only added to its quality!

This was a class-long project and happened to be the final course for the 15 graduating students. Needless to say, their energy was high!

The talented group of students put together a presentation worthy of many an ad agency. Not only were their ideas creative, well-conceived, and expansive, the research they put into it was extraordinary.

Over the coming months, when you see some fresh marketing and ad campaigns coming from Farylrobiin, you'll know where the inspiration came from!

Thanks to y'all in Athens -- you were a great group to work with and awesome hosts!

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