Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Business Women Unite!

Faryl started Farylrobin in 2002 because she saw that women's attitudes and needs were changing, but shoe companies weren't responding to those changing needs.  After spending her career in almost every sector of the footwear industry she knew she was up to the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur.  Fast forward to 2009 -- Farylrobin has been named to Inc Magazine's fastest growing companies list twice and is sold at major department stores, top footwear boutiques and key online e-retailers.  Balancing her life as a business woman and mother to two small children, Faryl has been able to grow the company significantly over the past several years consistently offering women everywhere style statement-making footwear.  

Today, The Wall Street Journal featured Faryl in the small business section discussing how the economy has affected business and the ways she is handling the ever-changing retail environment.  Are you also a business owner?  You might like to read the article to hear what she and others have to say:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124571863733739347.html.  

Business owner or not, we want to know what you do for a living?  How do you spend your 9-5?   
Faryl Robin LLC
Faryl Robin LLC     

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Anonymous said...

I spend my 9-5 working at a PR firm in NYC, but I start my day super early and end my day super late commuting to and from CT. Love my Farylrobins - I get compliments on the train all the time.