Thursday, August 6, 2009


In an age where our President has a Facebook page, Perez Hilton’s blog has more visitors than most news Web sites, and you can find a video of ANYTHING on YouTube, I thought it was about time for me to get started with this whole Twitter thing. I mean, seriously, if Oprah and Martha can do it, so can I. I opened an account, downloaded Twitterberry, and have spent countless hours scouring the site for people I would like to connect with and follow.

I am following everyone from inspiring CEOs like Zappos’ Tony Hseih and Virgin’s Richard Branson to my guilty celebrity gossip pleasures to the latest in fashion insight.

For me, I like that I can see what other CEOs are doing, glean a little insight into how they get through the day, and maybe even tweet with them while I’m walking to work in the morning. I like that I can know instantly when Angelina is in NYC with Brad, that Misha is going to be ok in her treatment facility and that Lauren Conrad was photographed in a pair of killer sandals (that I happened to pick out for her!).

Check out who I’m following. Who else do you think I should follow? Tweet it to me @farylrobin!

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