Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bogus Bono??

So things have been crazy busy in the farylrobin office. Some days can be a little hectic inside the office, but the other day it was hectic outside the office. There were swarms of people going crazy over what appeared to be Bono from U2. Faryl, Donna, and Devin rushed out of the office to investigate. After getting to street level, they realized that this was definitely a Bogus Bono. He had TV cameras surrounding him with people screaming. I have a feeling it was for one of those Look-like-a Celebrity reality shows...who knows. Decide for yourself. Do you think this is Bono?

Besides the "Bono sighting," I have a few pics to share from Donna and my trip to Philly to visit Urban Outfitters for our private label WeWhoSee. Donna and I rented a car. Donna drove and I navigated (trust me you don't want me behind the wheel), even though we had a GPS. The GPS was not so friendly to work with.

We made it to Philly in one piece. Urban's new offices are amazing. They are in the navy yard in these old brick buildings on the water. It's funny because their offices are surrounded by big navy ships.

After our meeting, we grabbed a bite to eat. They had just opened a Pot Belly's in Philly. I made Donna stop. I hadn't been to a Pot Belly's since I lived in Chicago. They have amazing sub sandwiches and malts...they put little cookies on the straw! I got an italian sub and a pineapple coconut malt. For dessert, we took a bag of mini oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to go. If you ever have the chance to try Pot Belly's--GO! It's one of my favorite places.

Here are a few funny photos around Philly.

I had never seen the "Don't block the box" signs before.

I love the name of this bar, "The Full Moon Saloon."

Look at how tiny the roads are! How can a car even fit??

We made it back to NYC without many traffic delays, but once we got through the Holland Tunnel, full on NY traffic! It took us an hour to get from the Holland Tunnel to Soho. We even saw a messenger almost get hit by a taxi. Home Sweet Home!

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