Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oui Oui Paris (and London)

I had been speaking with Chris and Victor (the amazing Farylrobin design duo from Paris) about all the great press Farylrobin has been receiving, and decided that instead of mailing them the placements, I would save on postage and hop on a plane to Paris to deliver them myself. We sat at a cafe in Marais drinking coca cola light and espresso and it was so nice to finally put faces with the email addresses!

Since I was already in Europe I thought it would be cost-effective for me to ride the Eurostar to London to check out Russell and Bromley - the only store in the UK that carries Farylrobin. After doing so, I popped into Harrod's to see what all the hype was surrounding the 62,000 pound (aka $124,000) shoe that was being gaurded by a cobra. The shoe department was amazing, but the cobra had gone home long before I got there. Although I was not impressed with the shoe, I felt obligated to feign excitement so as not to disappoint the overly enthusiastic Harrod's shoes sales team. What do you think of the shoe?

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Lia!Lia! said...

Too cute! Victor and Chris look exactly how I thought they would - cool Parisians! So jealous I wasn't there. :(

And I love the cobra idea for a shoe...to bad it's not that great looking.