Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seasonal Transition by Faryl

With mid-day temperatures averaging a crisp 70 degrees in NYC, summer is quickly transitioning into fall. It is still warm enough to get a few more wears out of your summer wardrobe, but it’s time to reach back into your closet and start pulling out some your favorite fall pieces.

Faryl offers the following suggestions for a smooth transition:

1. KEEP THE PEEP -- No need to pack away your peep-toe shoes just yet. Pair them with tights and they will take you through the fall season.

2. PULL OUT THE LEATHER -- Itching to dust off your fabulous leather boots from last year? Wear them with crisp white jeans (yes, white after Labor Day is okay) and a light weight sweater or neutral trench.

3. LAYER IT -- Update your fav sun dresses by adding tights, a short-sleeve shirt, cardigan and cotton scarf. You can strip off layers as temps rise throughout the day.

Do you have any fashion tips for transitioning from summer to fall? Tweet them to us @Farylrobin!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing the "layered" look we used for the Malia this weekend in Novi....perfect for Fall.