Friday, October 2, 2009

Lucky Magazine's Fashion Director, Hope Greenberg, Guest Blogs for Farylrobin

There’s a strange phenomenon that occurs when your job calls for you to preview clothes six months ahead of the season in which they’ll actually be worn: you find yourself mentally skipping entire seasons and coveting the things you’re seeing now. So, while the perfect, crisp fall weather should make me psyched for the cozy sweaters, soft leathers and great blazers I looked at last February, instead, I’m obsessing over all of the stuff we’re just seeing on the runway for spring 2010.

It was amazing to see the NY designers completely step up to the challenge of making clothes and accessories that look new and exciting enough to make us want to shop but also real and wearable enough that we’re not going to be afraid we’re spending money frivolously. New York fashion week set the bar high. We’re headed for Milan and Paris tomorrow where we’re looking forward to seeing if the European designers can hit the same mark.

After we get back from our trip, we’ll close ourselves in a room for an afternoon to hammer out, from the gazillions of ideas we saw, which feel right for Lucky and which we’ll want to cover in the magazine in the months ahead. At the same time, we’re all quietly (or not so) making our personal lists of what we’re going to pounce on as soon as spring deliveries are in-store. Here’s a look at what we’re loving so far:

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