Friday, October 9, 2009

A Stylist’s Dirty Little Secret: Meg Goldman

I own a pair of shoes I often wear to work when I need to look hip and polished yet I have a full day of running around, schlepping shopping bags in and out of stores and showrooms. I usually gravitate to them when I need to look the part of a stylist but would much rather wear my sneakers, or worse, my Fit Flops. Though they are a tad too worn in now, I still go to them on days when I have to work at Conde Nast and know I’ll be heading down to that cafeteria at some point. The truth is, a big part of my job involves lifting, carrying, and crawling around on the floor. Gorgeous as they are, 4-inch heels are just not for me (or at least the practical me).

Every stylist knows how unglamorous and PHYSICAL this work really is. It’s the ultimate irony, the dirty little secret of the job, call it what you will. Working in fashion, and especially behind the scenes pulling together a shoot, is far, far from glamorous.

That’s why I so loved Grace Coddington in The September Issue. I was probably the only person in the theater who was weeping during her little monologues because there she was, validating every feeling I’ve ever had over the years working in this business, about how HARD it is, always fighting for your stories and the perfect dress that no one else gets.

But let’s put her dead-on insights aside for now and talk about what she wears to work. What really got to me was what this fashion editor of all fashion editors was wearing, especially her shoes. They were black, low and strappy- totally cool looking yet SENSIBLE. Now I’m sure they were an expensive designer brand (after all she is the Creative Director of Vogue). And yes, I know she’s who-knows-and-who-cares how old, so wearing 4 inches would be a little ridiculous. The point is, that looking the part of a stylist and actually being able to do the work in your outfit are two pieces of a puzzle that ultimately need to fit together cohesively.

So here’s what I’ve learned along the way: start with a great pair of shoes you can move your toes in. Preferably they will have some unusual feature like the tiny gold glitter trim on mine that shows you have style AND you pay attention to details.

Finally, let me add this word of advice: pray it doesn’t rain on the day you are out prepping. Because when you add rain or snow into the mix, well, that throws you into a completely different “stylist” predicament.

Written by Meg Goldman, Fashion Stylist/Market Editor


Anonymous said...

A well told story by a hard working and insightful stylist.

Anonymous said...

Well written, funny and endearing~

Anonymous said...

It's time for you to come to the office for a new pair of shoes!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog entry. Loved it. Especially the shoe pics themselves.

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