Friday, November 16, 2007

Move those Hips!

Last night, Donna and I went to this event at Merc Bar sponsored by Glamour Magazine and Caress. The red room in the back of Merc Bar was really crowded and everyone was having a blast. I found out about this event through my friend Kelsi. Thanks Kelsi for inviting me:) We had been there about half an hour when the music blasts and this lady in a hot pink and gold outfit comes out belly dancing. Let me just say one thing- if only I could move like her! She got the crowd going. She was waving these big gold sheets and had sparklers.

Before we knew it she was motioning someone to dance with her and who was that lucky girl who got to shake her bootie....


Donna was awesome. She's got the moves:) Me on the otherhand, I need practice or a lot more to drink. I couldn't keep my upper body still and just move my hips. I kept cracking up.

Then she pulled one of the few guys from the massive crowd of women (I think I saw 3 guys at the whole event, excuding the waiters). This guy didn't really get into the hip action but he was a nice prop for her to move and dip around!

Donna and I are definitely gathering a group of girls and taking lessons. The belly dancer's name is Anna Pipoyan and she is amazing. She has a website, if anyone else is interested in learning how to belly dance. We will definitely update you on our belly dancing progress once we have our first lesson.

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