Monday, November 19, 2007


Wow! what a blast! My first day on the job was spend at the Bloomingdales in Chicago! We started early, meeting all of the associates and Mngrs. Everyone was sonice, helpful, and welcoming!

Faryl with the Bloomingdales gang!

As the day progressed, we got busier! Meeting new people and getting thier looks ready for the weekend!

I love the Dish with pleated skirts! So fresh!

I like the way this chick is strutting her Ethels! Skinny jean tucked in!

No better way for Best Friends to Re-Unite than to go shopping together! These two were amazing! Thanx for the dinner suggest by the way! (P.S. Look at that fuschia coat.... LOVE!)

This girl looks so cool with her black Darcy's and a Drivers cap!

Me and this cutie!

After Bloomingdales on Friday and Nordstrom on Saturday, I was exhausted! Faryl sneaked a picture of me passed out in the cab on the way to the airport!!

I have to say, Chicago is full of great people and incredible pizza!!!


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Faryl said...

This was my very first day with Alex ever...he rocked it. I picked him up Friday night and we flew in to Chicago arriving after 10-we were exhausted. I forgot my hair you can see from the horrible photo of me helllooo, Alex you MUST check with me prior to downloading photo's! Duh!Chicago is one of my favorite cities and one of Farylrobin's best cities. Thanks to all for a great trip and thanks to Alex for keeping it real the entire trip (until the taxi ride of course)!