Friday, December 7, 2007

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

This week, while Donna, Devin, Taryn, and Alex were at the Ffany Trade Show...Julia, Theresa, and I decorated the Farylrobin office with the first ever Farylrobin tree. On Friday, Julia and Donna started planning the decorations. They went to Urban Outfitters and bought a little silver tree. At Urban, they also bought these bird ornaments which are perfect for Farylrobin:) To represent WeWhoSee, our private label, Donna found a little owl. Theresa tackled the dollar store and went crazy, buying stockings, gift boxes, snowman towels, santa claus wall hangings etc. To top things off, literally, on Monday, Julia and I went to K-mart to find the perfect tree topper- along with lights and a few additional ornaments for the tree. Here are a few photos from our day of decorating.


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