Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Laura goes to Paris!

First off, Victor captured the day beautifully in his blog. I had so much fun seeing him on the other side of the Atlantic for a change. He showed me the Paris you don't see unless you are a true parisian. I loved getting a glimpse into that world.

This was my first trip to Paris and I fell in love with the city...and the wine, fromage, and chocolate:) Here are some photos from my 10 days across the Atlantic. I stayed with my friend from college, Emilie who lives by the Parc Andre Citroen. It is a beautiful park with many different little gardens and a big balloon in the center lawn where you can go up and see the city from the sky. So peaceful...

I also when to many museums, including the Louvre! It is so big. I spent a day there and saw as much as I could. I had coffee in the Tuileries Garden by the Louvre. They were also selling pastries so I splurged and ordered two pastries, chocolate and apricot. The Lion's Gate and Pyramid are incredible. The historic mixed with modern. I met a crazy old frenchman who took a picture of me in front of the pyramid and kept insisting to take more pictures. I politely said merci and au revoir. I did see the Mona Lisa, but my favorite was Psyche Abandoned by Augustin Pajou, a french sculpture.

The Musee d'Orsay is where they have all of the impressionist's art. I took a rest on the 2nd level and accidentaly left my gray hat on the bench. I thought for sure it was gone for good. I heard this announcement over the speaker in french, spanish, and english saying that a missing item was found please contact a museum attendant. So I thought, why not, I'll see if it's my hat. I went to the info desk and said I was missing a hat. They sent me to the cloak room and sure enough they had my hat. I was amazed that someone had turned it in. Who says parisians aren't nice:)

I also went to the Musee Galliera which is a very small museum with an exhibit of 1920's fashion. It was amazing. I think I was the only American at that museum which is rare with all the tourists in the city. Let's just say I loved the vintage shoes! I couldn't take pictures though.

I have a lot more pics of Versailles and the gardens....so stay posted. They all can't fit in one blog:)

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