Thursday, April 26, 2007

From the Windy City to Italy and back!

As promised, here are some photos from the Chicago Bloomingdale's event and Faryl's trip to Italy.

Jackie and Randee Lee at Sushi Samba in Chicago

Jackie looks so pretty at Bloomingdales Chicago

Farylrobin display

Jackie, Randee Lee and Mary- the Bloomingdale's store manager, she rocks!

Faryl having a bad hair day! Grrr!

Italy pics!

Miguel at 7am pre-coffee already checking his "crackberry"!!

Geremia- our favorite leather supplier

Faryl and Lisa choosing colors! I am sure whatever Faryl said was funny!

Lisa reworking colors on the linea pelle express train home

We are always working!!

Ok, Not Always!

Miguel and Faryl outside IL Latini in Florence-mmm

Chillin' on the express train- The angelas look good!

More leather

Need Food

Geremia and Miguel- We love him!

Elvis was smelly, Lisa was horrified, and Miguel was drunk!

Faryl almost incognito

Marble peaches- Don't you love these

Marble olives- gorgeous right

Miguel- Can you see the Ponte Vecchio behind him?

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Tomorrow Donna is going to show you how she Rocks the Robin, with our weekly Rock the Robin style section.

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Kempton said...

Just found your site. Lovely shoes and pix.

Note to self: If I let my better half knows that I love your cute shoes, she may start dragging me to join in her future shoes shopping !!! (big smile)