Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rock the Robin!

If you didn't know, Farylrobin is a company made up of many women, with very different styles. We all rock our 'robins differently. Here at Farylrobin, we wanted to start "Rock the Robin," where weekly we will style a new look with a different farylrobin shoe. Since it is Miss Randee Lee's birthday tomorrow, she is going to kick off the first "Rock the Robin" with fashion and accessories she wants for spring to wear with her favorite farylrobins. So all of you that still need to get RL a last minute gift, tomorrow check out her blog:)

This is our little show 'n' tell, so we are also curious to know how our farylrobin fans wear their 'robins. So if you have a great look and think you know how to "Rock the Robin," send pictures and ideas to We want to know about your style. Where do you find your inspiration? Where do you shop? Who is your fashion icon? What was the last song you went crazy and danced your farylrobins off? We want to know the scoop on you! Who knows, your look might be the next "Rock the Robin" feature.

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