Thursday, April 5, 2007

Oh For Blogs Sake

So I have been held against my will to update you all on what is happening in the world of Farylrobin. Things are winding down after a crazy season and we all are in need of some serious R & R. Between airplanes, hotels, luggage, cars, trains, and meetings I have signed up for a "jamaicavention." You may have heard about the "bahamavention" well I decided to go to jamaica instead. So for those you who may need something while I am away the rest of the Farylrobin team including "Yackie" will be here to tend to any of your needs. May it be Farylrobin shoes, suggestions about the best flavor of oatmeal, or laughter they are here.

Also I wanted to give a few shout outs to some of my stores - The Shoe Box in both Boca Raton and New York are rockin at the moment and invite you all to come in and see the new spring styles. South of me but North of some can go and check out Classic Serendipity in Maryland. And for those of you who are in the Midwest I wanted to point out a new store that has opened in Rochester, MN- Prior Avenue, located in the Apache Mall. They are bringing Farylrobin to you up close and personal.

Till next time.......


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