Monday, October 15, 2007

Farylrobin Shoots, Scores and Wins!

Part 1 - Behind the Scenes @ Farylrobin's Spring 08 Media Event
As told by Karyn Ravin...

Friday could've started off better. I could've been woken up by my alarm clock, I could've had time to shower, and I could've not missed my flight from JFK to LAX. I've never! For all those who know me, I know what you're thinking - I can't believe it either. I was a little shaken by the entire fiasco, but the minute the wheels touched down in LA (only a couple of hours behind), it was game time. Literally.

For the past several months, we have been planning the first-ever Farylrobin media event in Los Angeles. Faryl really wanted us to create something fun for editors and stylists that would allow them to not only view the spring 08 collection, but do so in an environment that was not typical of fashion brands. So, when it was announced earlier this year that Posh and Becks were headed to Los Angeles, we decided we wanted to be in LA, too. We quickly snagged one of the hard-to-come-by VIP Suites at the LA Galaxy soccer stadium.

We had all been very excited for months about the big event, especially Faryl. She was so excited to meet with all the stylists and editors we always tell her about. Unfortunately, days before it was time to leave, she came down with an awful virus that kept her grounded on the east coast. I quickly enlisted Lia from my office on less than 24hrs notice to come west with me (she was psyched!). We decided Faryl would still be able to meet everyone at the event because we could easily set up Skype in the suite for editors to call her back in NY. Don’t you love technology?!

In our very stylish white Kia, Lia and I arrived safely to The Chamberlain West Hollywood, located just at the foothills of "The Hills" - it was an MTV dream come true. We were tempted to try and find out where Lauren and Audrina's condo complex was located but we resisted temptation and got focused. (However, I’m fairly certain that had there been enough time, we would have found an excuse to drive around until we found it.) We definitely laughed a lot over the weekend, but as you can see from the below itinerary, we worked really, really hard to pull off a great event for Farylrobin. Here's how we spent our time:

Friday, October 12
4:00pm - set up remote office atop our hotel's roof deck and tested our Skype capabilities with Faryl. All was good. We briefly considered moving our offices permanently to the roof deck, forever looking out onto the Hollywood Hills, but we decided we'd miss New York too much.

7:00pm - drove to Bloomingdales Century Plaza to pick up some Farylrobin fall shoes to display in the suite. That's where we met Cyrus (aka the guy who sold Halle Berry the Farylrobin Bounder boot), who cracked us up.

8:00pm - dinner at Iskaya by Katsuya with Hilary Polk Williams from the Michael Flutie Agency to catch up on all the exciting things going on with her fabulous clients -- have you seen Harper's Bazaar's contributing fashion editor Mary Alice Stephenson's new model spoof show on VH1? HYSTERICAL! We ate some amazing sushi. As in, amazing, awesome, can’t stop dreaming about it sushi.

11:00pm - Happily, crashed into bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

Saturday, October 13
8:00am - ran a few miles on the treadmill
9:30am - loaded the Kia with the shoes, gift bag items, suite decor - there was barely any room for lia and we still had shopping to do

9:45am - breakfast at the hotel where Lia and I mapped out our day

10:15am - hopped in the Kia and headed for Nordstom at The Grove, where we met Monica, the floor manager, who was so helpful with getting us shoes for the event. Special shout out to Tony who pulled the shoes and had them waiting for us when we arrived. You rock.

11:30am - shopped at Best Buy for a computer headset so people could Skype with Faryl while the game was going on. We also picked up the Lily Allen CD so we could have some tunes in the suite.

12:00pm - stolled the aisles of Target for various supplies, including a couple of new tank tops and a new bag....why is it that you can never walk in there and only get what you need! ugh! I am excited about my new tanks, though.

1:00pm - IN AND OUT BURGER - it was madness in there. The line was out the door when we arrived. Even though we kinda regretted it later, it was damn good.

2:00pm - headed to the stadium

2:45pm - arrived and unloaded the Kia with the help of our awesome Galaxy contact, Miss Alicia.

2:45 - 6:30pm - we hauled, lifted, tacked, tapped, wiped, vacuumed, stuffed, arranged, prepped, and changed for the event

6:45pm - GAME TIME!

Check out the next blog for more details and photos on how the event went!


Laura said...

You guys are squeeze all of that into a kia! Great Job! The tables and pictures look awesome!

dondon said...

WOW!!! You 2 are amazing!!! I'm glad you rewarded yourselves with In and Out!!