Monday, October 15, 2007

Farylrobin Shoots, Scores and Wins!

Part 2 – The Stars Align for Farylrobin at The LA Galaxy Game

On Saturday, October 13, Farylrobin hosted a private VIP suite at the LA Galaxy soccer game for the very top fashion editors and stylists in Hollywood to show off the Spring 08 line. Guests included editors, journalists, freelance fashion and beauty writers, and celebrity stylists from InStyle, The Los Angeles Times, Paper Magazine, Fit Pregnancy,, Orange Coast Magazine,,, the Style Network and others.

Everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the upcoming spring line mentioning that the colors look great, the leathers are gorgeous, the heels are so interesting and look very comfortable, and many couldnt decide which color of multiple styles they want.

We had the best time hanging with everyone. After all these years, it was so nice to finally attach faces to the e-mail addresses and voices on the phone that we’ve heard for so long!

Daisy and Stevie

Kathryn and Devin

Aaron, Gigi and Casey

Liane and Deanna

It was a cool 65 degrees outside and even though all of the West Coast peeps thought it was “freezing,” Lia and I savored what was probably our last taste of a warm breeze for some time. The weather outside was no matter though, since our suite was cozy – filled with food and enough alcohol for a small army, and most important – a direct view of David Beckham on the sidelines. We searched and scanned for Posh, but alas, no dice.

trying to get a pic of Becks as he crossed the field

With Faryl at home sick, we were able to link her in via Skype to meet all the wonderful people who attended:

Many of our guests had never been to a soccer game before so it was really fun to be a part of their (and our) first-time experience.

Elyse and Karen

Victor and Karen

Gil and her husband

Thanks to everyone for coming out. We can't wait to see you all again soon.

Oh, and the Galaxy did beat Toronto 2-1!

Until next time,
Lia LoBello and Karyn Ravin of Maletzky Media


Faryl said...

Can't tell you how sad I am that I missed it! Thanks Karyn for being an amazing friend as well as gifted media queen. I felt and feel safe in your hands...while mine are on the mend!


Diana T. said...

What a fabulous way to launch Farylrobin’s spring line on the West coast!! Everyone seemed to have a great time (but how could you not when you’re within screaming distance of David Beckham) and from what I’ve seen and heard, the event was a huge success. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you must be dead on your feet...That looked like alot of work. Lia and you deserve kudos for pulling it off. Loved the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is friggin awesome Karyn! You Rock!