Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Extreme Pumpkins!!!

Here's a cool site for very unique ways to carve or decorate pumpkins, I had fun looking through all of the photos. Some are really awesome. The creator of this site's name is Tom Nardone. If you have a question about a pumpkin, he is the one to ask. There are pumpkin carving tips, design strategy, pumpkin preservation, power tools, fire, light & pyrotechnics, and even a recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds. Tom wrote a book about pumpkins. That's how passionate he is about pumpkins. Check it out. I pulled a few pumpkin photos that are my favorite.

I would have a splitting headache too.

The pumpkin monster is attacking the city!!! Look out!

That's a lot of candy corn!

E.T. phone home

Smile...say cheese!

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