Monday, October 15, 2007

Florencia Mia

Hey Everyone –

So we’re (Lisa and I) in Florence for a few days. Faryl ditched us. She said something about having better plans…

Anyway, I really wanted to share something that I read in Paris (a.k.a Vice Central):

“A material is alive: whether it be leather or stone, it’s a vehicle of emotion. One should not hesitate to spend weeks or even travel great distances looking for the right one.”

With those wise words, spoken by a wise man, I leave you. I’ll post picks of this trip if Lisa takes pictures, I forgot my camera.


1 comment:

Faryl said...

First, I blew you off for an editor's event that I have been dreaming about the past 8 months...only to get sick (thanks to my two beautiful children). You should be happy or you would have some random arthritis as well. Second-there is no place I prefer to be than in Italy with you and Lisa!!!!!! The food, the wine, the smoke, the company-it's a beautiful thing! I miss you guys already and will never not attend a vice meeting again-ever!