Thursday, October 18, 2007

We love underwear models!

Last night we went to an event at Bloomingdale's Soho to promote Farylrobin. It was singles' night at Bloomingdales. In the shoe department, they had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. We were having fun on the 2nd Floor, but word in the store was that there were male models in their underwear walking around on the men's floor. Well Donna and I had to check it out! Sure enough there were! On the lower level they had models promoting the line 2xist, the Carbon collection. After viewing the collection and getting a polaroid taken with an adorable model in his tighty whities, Donna and I definitely recommend the carbon line to any guy looking for added support:) Donna also posed as an underwear model! Look at that glowing chest and those ripped abs! We definitely had fun!

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dondon said...

We had a blast! Definitely love the underwear models! From personal experience...the line feels great! Super soft.